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6 New and Cool iPhone and iPad Accessories

Here’s the list of 6 new and cool iPhone and iPad accessories.

Ozaki O!care Spy cam

The O!care from Ozaki is a wireless IP camera that can stream live footage and record video of activity in a room directly to an iOS device.

Ideal for keeping an eye on your home while you’re away at work, or for checking what your pets are up to, the O!care is best used in conjunction with the free iCare+ app. With this, you can change the view and see different parts of a room, and it can even receive push notifications whenever the camera detects movement.

The O!care is available in several colour options, including blue, red and pink.

VTEC Lenses for iPhone

Vtec’s lenses for the iPhone 4 and 4S increase the effectiveness of your iOS device’s camera. There are three lenses available: wide-angle and macro; CAM-1209 12x telephoto; and fish-eye.

Each one is suitable for carrying around in a pocket, and comes with a protective cover for your iPhone, which the lens screws on to.

A-Solar Power Dock

A-solar’s Solar Power Dock charges your iPad and iPhone using solar energy. It has a 6000mAH internal battery, which means you can charge on the go, and an LED status indicator and test button so you can quickly check how much power is left in an iOS device’s battery.

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Pro LV2e Wireless audio

The Audio Pro LV2e is an audio system that can stream music wirelessly via Wi-Fi. To play audio through the speakers, you need to connect the included transmitter to a Mac via USB, and then any track you want to listen to can be heard through the LV2es.

The bundled remote control enables you to change the volume, mute and turn the speakers on or off. A display on the front of both speakers shows volume, house code and zone, if you’re using the system for multi-room use.

The speakers are finished with leather, and come in three colour options.

PixmaMX715 Mobile printing

Canon’s new all-in-one is designed to make printing from an iOS device easy. The printer has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities and can also scan to USB without the need for a computer. The dual-function panel features LED-lit dual-purpose keys, which only light up when they’re available to use, which is supposed to make printing simpler.

Avid Keystation Mini 32 Key pad

The M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 is designed to help musicians on the go. It’s a portable keyboard that you can plug into your iPad and use. With the bundled software, you can play and write music, and the keys are customisable so you can adjust their sensitivity.

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