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Are you an open-minded person who likes to have some naughty fun from time to time? Then this article is definitely for you. It’s no secret that everyone has some wild or sweet sexual fantasies, let’s find out which are really interesting and could be turned into reality. Here we’ve collected some fantasies that are hot on paper – but not in real life.

Mirror Voyeurs

Mirrors bring an erotic to your own bedroom. In theory that sounds hot, but in fact you’ll be thinking about your weight, exercise you skipped, or that fatty snack you ate. You can be sure it’s the best way to kill the mood.

Shower Sex

Shower fun is really difficult to manage. Most of us don’t have large showers. Your hot intentions will become exhausting in 5 minutes. And don’t forget the slippery surface and uncomfortable position. Have you seen the annual statistics on how people die in showers? Yep, it sounds like horror movie plot.

Massage Oil

Another common fantasy that sounds easy and pleasant. Just think about your partner’s glistening body, slick touches and soft friction. Sounds great, but oil it tastes awful, makes you feel wet and sweaty, and spoils your sheets. Oh, and of course, be attentive and don’t use a ‘warming’ oil, it will feel like hot lava on your skin.

Beach Romance

6 Sex Fantasies That Are Better In Theory

One of the most stereotypical fantasies. What could be more romantic than having sex on the beach, cuddling your partner under the stars? But the sand gets everywhere! The itchy, scratchy, annoying feeling ruins sex. Imagine you are rubbing your body against sandpaper, and you’ll see why this one is better to discuss with like-minded people here and not to practice on a beach.

Making a Movie

What could be better than a home-made performance? How great would it be, having fun with a pretty lady on cam? But trouble comes later when the relationship ends and your hot video is broadcast online. Don’t think it could happen to you? No one ever does, but sites with home video and naughty fun are very popular, aren’t they?


‘What, what’s wrong with 69’, you dazedly ask! You’re right, this one really makes sense. You and your nice partner are just saving time by killing two birds with one sexy stone! But problems do exist… First of all you need to be a similar height. If you’re not… instead of pleasure, the biggest feeling you get will be neck pain.

Don’t agree with the author and have positive experiences of doing crazy things with your partner? Share your ideas with like-minded wild buddies.