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6 Simple Ways To Stay Healthy In The Office 1. Start with Movement

It is important to keep your body moving so that fluids flow and muscles stretch. If you ride the bus to work, hop off a block early and walk the rest of the way. Try parking farther from the office to add a short walk on your way in and way out. And take the stairs for a good calf and thigh stretch.

2. Stress Less

Stress can take an incredible harmful toll on the body. Stress can lead to physical sickness and emotional health problems on top of making your job performance and life satisfaction plummet. Often times, people can feel out of control of a situation or simply overwhelmed by the volume of work and pressure to perform well.

It is important when feeling this way to organize and prioritize and take care of your physical health so that you grant yourself the best chance of coping with the stressful situation. Communication with management and peers is also key as stress can make it difficult to deal with others who may be able or event wanting to assist you.

Other important steps include:

•Sleep for 8 hours because rest can help you to stay balanced, think clearly and perform better.

•Exercise to relieve your mood, increase your focus and your energy levels

•Try to maintain a healthy diet so that your body can function well

3. Bring That Super Cool Vintage Lunch Box to Work

Packing your own lunch is a sure way to help you make healthier choices when it comes to break time. When you are eating out on a regular basis it is easier to slip into making an unhealthy choice. Consuming a greasy meal while sitting at a desk for 8 hours is probably not the best thing you can do for your body.

But people who brown bag it, are able to plan a healthy choice ahead of time when they are not yet starving and tired from the day. This way a good meal is ready to be eaten when you might otherwise be tempted to order something deliciously comforting.

Another great perk of providing your own lunch is that it will eventually help the health of your wallet. Making a turkey sandwich at home is a much cheaper alternative to buying a six-inch at the deli down the street.

4. Keep Moving

Movement can help you to stay more focused and give you creativity to problem solve when you do sit back down at the desk. Walk to the bathroom. Walk outside for a few minutes and see the sky. Jog up a quick flight of stairs. While you may be reluctant to leave your computer when trying to figure out a problem, a mini activity break just might refresh your brain to realize the solution.

5. Go Ahead and Snack 

It is not a bad think to graze throughout the day; it just depends on what kind of grass you’re eating. If your daily stretch is a quick jog to the vending machine, then you need to find an alternative to high calorie chips and candy bars which are also high in saturated fats and will leave you craving more instead of filling you up.

Instead, come prepared with a cup of Greek yogurt which is high in protein and has a creamy wonderful flavor. Bring along some carrot sticks and snap pees to crunch on in the afternoon. Some bosses may even let you keep a small dorm-sized refrigerator under your desk so that nutritious treats are ready for when your stomach begins to growl at 3:30pm.

6. End with Movement

By the end of the day, your behind is probably ready to be vertical rather than stuck in a swivel chair. Instead of tossing your keys on the counter and plopping on the couch, try to stay in motion when you come home from work. Take the dog out for a short walk or go outside on the porch to soak up some setting sunlight. Avoiding sedentary activity can help ensure a better night’s sleep and prepare you for the next day.

So while more and more companies implement corporate wellness plans, there are some easy but effective ways to maintain your own health at the office.

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