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6 Tips For Eating Healthy While Dining Out

Whether you are dining out with your loved ones, going out on a date, or having a business outing, eating healthy while dining out can be a challenge. So the next time you are out with you friends think about what you are doing to your body and follow these tips to eating healthy while dining out.

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1. Always order water for your beverage

When you are dining out opt out of juice and soda, which are filled with artificial sweeteners and high fructose syrups. Drink water to hydrate you body and if you need something sweet add in a squeeze of lemon. To limit the amount of food you will eat while out, attempt to drink at least half or all of your water while waiting for your food. By the time the waitress brings your plate around, your appetite will be subdued and you will resist the urge to over eat.

2. Order a plain salad with dressing on the side

When we view a menu, we often choose the salad that has all these yummy toppings and tasty condiments but too many of them can bring the salad from healthy to unhealthy. So when ordering your salad, opt for the usual lettuce, baby or sliced tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers. Then have a small cup of a low fat dressing of your choice on the side. This gives you the control to know how much dressing you are actually eating.

3. Avoid ordering all fried and fatty foods

If your goal is to eat healthy, you should by all means avoid fried and fatty foods. These kinds of foods are usually drenched in oil, covered with fattening ingredients and served with some kind of unhealthy side.

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4. Order a meal that can be baked, skinless, and served with fresh vegetables.

Often times when meals are being ordered they tend to be prepared in the most unhealthiest ways ever. Some may want to fry vegetables, decreasing the nutrients the vegetables provided when cooked properly. When ordering poultry, skip out on the skin and extra fat.

5. Skip dessert

Although enjoying a sweet delicacy could satisfy a sweet tooth, the truth is that the majority of desserts are filled with butter, fattening products, and high levels of sugar.

6. Remember the reason you are eating healthy

When you feel the need to give in and eat something unhealthy, think of the reason you decided to eat healthy in the first place. This will put everything back into perspective and help you regain control of your determination.

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