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Most of us are trying to improve our properties. Many of use are trying to increase the value of our properties, whilst others are trying to make our homes better for our families.

Adding new rooms to a brick or concrete built house takes considerable time, money and typically needs planning permission. This puts a lot of us off extending our properties.

There is a much easier way however. Log cabins are a great way to add new buildings to any property.

Great Uses for a Log Cabin at your Property

  1. Summerhouse – If you enjoy your garden a summerhouse adds a great building in which to relax. You can sit in the shade reading your favourite book and enjoying your favourite drink. Summerhouses are great for storing garden furniture and toys for the kids.
  2. Home Office – If you work from home then why not add a great new building from which to do your best work. A lovely log cabin will separate your home and work lives.
  3. Studio – If you’re an artist then having your own studio in the garden is a great way to get away from the house and do you most inspired work.
  4. Garage – If you need somewhere to store vehicles, boats or bikes then a timber garage is the best place to do it. Warm and snug year round, a cabin is the quickest way to have the perfect place to work on projects.
  5. Guest rooms – Log cabins are perfect for adding new guest rooms to your property without having to pay for expensive building renovations. The cabins are warm and can be used all year around.
  6. Kids playrooms – If your kids have outgrown their bedrooms then why not add a room just for them. A warm and secure playroom will get them out of the house, and out of earshot, whilst given them their own space in which to grow up.

About the the Log Cabins

Log cabins come as a kit that has everything needed to construct a wonderful building. Two people with some DIY experience can build a log cabin in a weekend. The only tools needed are screwdrivers, hammers and a utility knife.

The cabins are made from high quality materials and with proper care will last a lifetime. Windows and doors are typically double glazed as standard.

Safety glass can also be fitted to the doors making the building super safe around children.

Most cabins come with a twin skin option that allows insulation material to be added in the cavity. This is great for buildings that will be used year round. It also makes it easier to run electrical cabling.

Log cabins are a much quicker, less messy, cheaper way of adding beautiful buildings to your property. In many cases you do not need planning permission to build a log cabin in your garden.

This post was written by Brian Runnalls.  He runs South West Log Cabins.  They have been supplying and building log cabins and other wooden buldings for more than 20 years.  They provide beautiful log cabin kits across the UK, with free delivery to most areas.