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Welding is mostly known in manufacturing plants or for home repair jobs such as car repairs. However it doesn’t have to be all boiler suits and the smell of oil, welding can create quite amazing art. Here we look at 6 amazing sculptures from pinterest. – This amazing artwork via artist Christopher Locke combines confiscated scissors from the TSA at airport terminals to create masterpieces like this amazing spider. He first dissembles the scissors, bends and then welds them together. He has also produced an ingenious iphone holder that is shaped like a TV aerial on an old television set. He produced this to recreate the atmosphere of watching movies on the TV. -Truly magnificent work by artist Tom Hill. Tom is a 27 yr old sculpture, completely self-taught and has been using recycled horseshoes for the last six years to create amazing pieces of art that have been used in a variety of places. Tom uses a mixture of utilising a gas forge, an anvil, a hammer and various welding techniques. His dream is to create a 30ft horse but needs a venue to exhibit this breath-taking work. – JTB Designs produce these practical yet stunning sculptures including wall art, garden art and wall clocks. To create these masterpieces they use three main welding techniques including stick welding, wire feed welding and oxyacetylene or gas welding. – Brian Mock’s attention to detail in these welding sculptures is truly breathtaking. Especially when you bear in mind these life-like sculptures are made out of recycled objects and materials we use in our daily lives. Brian creates a wide range of animal sculptures including dogs, cats, fish, birds, guitars and robots. Brian really can bring everyday items like springs to life and make them into stunning pieces. – I have cheated here and previewed work that actually contains no welding equipment at all. This work is truly remarkable. The attention to detail on these lifelike iron creations is the work of Mattia Trotta. Trotta’s work is done completely by hand. First of all he creates an outline drawing and then creates a skeleton of the work by wrapping around steel with wire. This process must take ages as each wire is tangled and compacted one by one to create the finished products. To protect the pieces and give them different shades of light the creations are finally dipped in acid. – If you are looking for something quite unique, the works by Tony Poolman are a conversation starter. These items are made out of recycled engineering components from a vintage tractor. The process involves removal of the rusted components before they are cleaned, shaped and welded into place to take the required form.

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