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Guide to Buying a Hot Tub

A simmering hot tub provides you with the perfect way in which to de-stress after a hard day’s work. Depending on the type of hot tub you choose to buy for your home, you may find yourself making a large investment. To ensure that you make the most of the money that you spend, it is essential to choose the right hot tub for your needs.


Believe it or not, you will need to take into account your height when choosing an appropriate depth for your hot tub. Four main hot tub depths are available: 720 mm, 880 mm, 950 mm and 1080 mm. If you stand at six foot or over in height, you should opt for the deepest hot tub on offer. If you don’t, you will fail to find your hot tub comfortable to relax in.


Hot tubs come in two main types: those with a heater and those without. If you purchase a hot tub without a heater, this doesn’t mean you will be left to sit in cold water! Hot tubs without a heater use pumps to generate heat. If you purchase a hot tub with a heater, you will have three main options: 1.0 kW, 2.0 kW or 3.0 kW. The bigger your hot tub, the more powerful your heater will need to be.

Ozone Generator

An ozone generator fires ozone bubbles into the water of your hot tub to neutralise any contaminates. It therefore helps to keep your water fresh and clean. There are two types of ozone generator: Corona Discharge (CD) and Ultraviolet (UV). While they work in different ways, they serve the same function. The generator of your hot tub will not last forever so you may wish to consider the cost of replacing the generator when choosing your hot tub.


If you purchase your hot tub from a reputable dealer, it is likely that you will receive a thermal rigid cover to prevent leaves and other debris from falling into your hot tub. If your hot tub does not come with a cover, you will need to add the cost of purchasing one into your budget.

Water Pumps and Jets

It is essential to consider the horsepower (HP) of your water pump when purchasing a hot tub. The lower the horsepower of your water pump, the better. A 1.5 to 2.0 HP water pump should be sufficient and should not contribute to extortionate electricity costs. Many factors affect the amount of water that flows through your hot tub’s pump, including the plumbing. To determine whether your chosen hot tub’s pump is adequate, you will need to try out the hot tub and see whether you can feel the water pressure of the jets on your skin. Look for hot tubs that enable you to change the type and location of the jets and hence, change the feel of the hot tub below the water line.

Electricity Usage

The majority of modern hot tubs run on electricity. Hot tubs come in a range of electricity sizes: 13A, 16A, 20A, 2 x 16A, 32A and so forth. Your hot tub’s pumps, heater and ozone generator will require electricity so if you are seeking a large, powerful hot tub, you will need to choose one with a high electricity supply. To ensure the safety of your hot tub, you should seek the help of a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) or ECS registered electrician during the installation process.


Always buy your hot tub from an experienced, local dealer who will be able to provide you with the reassurance that you require in the months following the installation of your hot tub. Seek recommendations from friends and relatives and always ask your chosen dealership about the amount of time over which they have been trading. If in doubt, do not purchase!

This is a guide from Urban Cedar who provide high end Hot Tubs.