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The success of Instagram has been so over whelming that sparked interest Facebook to finish acquiring it by 1,000 million dollars in order to incorporate it into your own application, but not daring for now, to make it disappear as an autonomous entity. There are real masterpieces, we teach you some tricks.

7 Tips To Improve Your Photos For Instagram

There are other programs for photos from your mobile as Camera + or mytubo who try to make the competition. However, Instagram seems shrouded in artistic lacking its major competitors. Many professional photographers who use the program to edit your snapshots and upload them to internet in seconds. Of course, they are all good friends and there are other great photographers. Anyway, if you’re trying to improve your photos in the photo app, we leave about 7 tips to improve your photographs by mobile.

Daily Scenes:

Not expect to witness a scene with a strong dramatic or a sunset in an exotic location. Sometimes beauty hides in the little things. A forgotten old toy in a corner, a building that has caught your attention a hand of a young woman resting on a friendly shoulder or trunk almost naked by woodworm which was once a large tree. Instagram teaches us that almost all worth pays to be photographed for our phones.


Plays with the contrast between light and dark areas, especially if we are photographing a landscape. Do not worry if the light is not perfect because the filters will help you darel concentrate.

Play with the filters:

Already been said that the strength of Instagram are the filters that act as a sort of magic wand over the images usually imperfect our mobile devices. In other words, the same picture can convey mixed feelings as it is not advisable to do all our work with the same filter or choosing the first that comes to mind. Play with them and choose those that best suit what you want to convey in each photograph.


This app lets you add depth to our snap shots, something impossible for our humble lenses installed in all models of mobile phones. For that we must use wisely the Tilt-Shift feature that allows blurring the entire picture except what is found in a horizontal or vertical line to create this effect. Also, this brand can be circular to the photographs that require it.

Angles and New Perspectives:

Do not risk losing a good shot for trying to find the perfect framing. Many of the best shots are those taken from impossible angles.

Combine your best photos: Certainly one of the easiest ways to exploit the full potential of our photos and gives best result is to create a collage with a selection of our best photos from Instagram.

Investigates and Explores the Best:

Though perhaps it should have been the first of these tips, it is clear that we would not forget this point, If you are really looking how and where to buy instagram followers, then this is a better source of inspiration to follow the footsteps of the best instagramers. Without wishing to imitate them, try to make your photos teach us to create our style.