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8 Sweet Dishes From Various Indian States You Should Try This Rakhi

India is a strange place where people love to gorge on chili and spicy food all the year round, but also want sweets to compete their meals. We are sweet people and always welcome our guests with plates of sweets in our hands. And our festivals are never complete without the inclusion of sweets. As lots of people are going to crowd at your place, you should have some mesmerizing sweets for rakhi.

Here’s a list of some sweets found in various Indian states which would add more fun and joy to your celebration of rakhi.

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  1. Roshogolla of West Bengal – There are many popular things that this state is identified for but it’s the sweet dishes of this state that makes it endearing. Roshogolla is the most famous of them all. No one can resist the sweet and juice white spongy items. And believe me, you just cannot stop at one or two. You would love to take a dip into a whole box.

  1. ChhenaPoda of Odisha – Odisha is known for its Sun temple and this cheese sweet dish can be cited as our desi version of cake. This is not very sweet and made out of home-made cheese or chhena. You can also include cashews and raisins in it. The creamy cakes can take a back seat when ChhenaPoda is here.
  1. Ghevar of Rajasthan – It looks like a donut and is made up of flour, clarified butter, sugar syrup, and some dry fruits. Get this simple and tasty sweet for rakhi and have a lovely celebration.
  1. Pinni of Punjab – Punjabi cuisine are known to be very spicy, buttery, and sweet. They cannot stay away from three of these things. AlooParantha with dollops of butter, butter chicken, spicy Rajma, and Pinni or Halwa is mandatory. Made out of jaggery, wheat flour, and dry fruits, you should have this one in your festival.
  1. Shufta of jammu& Kashmir –Shufta recipe is a sweet one but you would find traces of black pepper, ginger powder, cinnamon powder, and cardamom powder. Coconut and lots of pista, paneer, almond, dates are included along with ghee or butter. This would be a healthy treat for your loved ones this rakhi.
  1. Basundi of Gujarat – This is the best thing in Gujarat after NaMo. Condensed and sweetened milk is mixed with generous amount of saffron and dry fruits. You just can’t resist this one.
  1. QubanikaMeetha of Andhra Pradesh – Made out of dried apricots and malai, you must have this sweet delicacy in your platter for an unforgettable rakhi festival this year.
  1. Bebinca of Goa – It is a specialty of Goa which is made up of egg, wheat flour, coconut milk, and ghee or butter. You would easily get rakhi with sweets online to decorate your festival.
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