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A Better Way To Move Important Items

When I think of white gloves, I automatically think of butlers, waiters in fine dining restaurants, and the guy that travels with the Stanley Cup. Furniture moving is not what comes to mind at all. But, white glove delivery service is a great way to have those fine, important items brought to your home. There is a big difference between having to move your garage sale chic furniture to another location and that antique printing press. Some things you just can’t risk getting damaged.

If you are the owner of a furniture store and already offer home delivery of purchases, then you should consider adding white glove service to your home delivery options. When it comes to your customers you want to offer them nothing but the best when it comes to getting their new furniture home. When you utilize these services you will see many added benefits that you won’t find in standard furniture delivery.

When you offer your customers white glove service they can expect to have their furniture delivered blanket-wrapped. This gives added protection from scratches and possible stains during transport. And, if there is a slight mishap during delivery, white glove service will do a furniture touch-up. When your customer’s new furniture arrives at their home it will be placed directly into their room of choice. This makes all customers happy since they won’t have to break their backs moving it to the right location after the delivery men leave. White glove service also means that the old furniture that is being replaced by the just delivered new items will be removed and hauled away. This is one less thing your customers will have to worry about. White glove delivery workers are fully trained and will set-up and install your new items. They will also take care of any complex assembly that is required. They can also give your customers instructions on how to use and maintain their new items.

The biggest plus to offering white glove delivery services to your customers is that they will be assured their items will be handled in the most delicate manner imaginable. Their high-value, upholstered, and fragile items will arrive safe and sound. That is the extra something that all of your customers will appreciate. White glove delivery people go out of their way to protect your items while in transit, but that doesn’t stop there. They do actually wear white gloves while handling your items and wear protective booties on their feet to protect the flooring in your home. They also use blankets and floor runners while in the moving process.

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Good word of mouth is the very best advertising. Happy customers are repeat customers. They tell their friends and family, and pretty soon you’ll have a whole new clientele walking in your doors. White glove service is everything that is good about furniture delivery all rolled up into one perfect, classy package.

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