A Celebrity Kitchen Without The Cost

A Celebrity Kitchen Without The Cost

Cabinets are one of the most important elements in the kitchen. They can make or break the entire feel of the room, so they’d better be done exactly right! But remodeling cabinets can be pricey. Cabinet kitchen refacing is a more affordable option. It allows you to add swank and style right out of the pages of a celebrity home magazine, while dodging the hefty pricetag.

Here’s how cabinet kitchen refacing works. Professional installers and remodelers remove the doors from cabinets and drawers. The frames remain in place. Panels are installed over the surfaces of the frames. New doors, hinges, hardware and accessories give the cabinets an updated “face.”

Most cabinet kitchen refacing projects won’t actually alter the physical structure of cabinets, although making a few major changes here and there isn’t unheard of. Some people even choose to add an island in the center of their kitchen.

On occasion, a customer will want only some of the cabinets in their kitchen refaced. While this is certainly possible, it’s not recommended. Matching existing veneers can be extremely difficult, and small variations can give kitchens an unbalanced look the homeowner may come to regret. Fortunately, cabinet kitchen refacing is affordable, so doing the entire kitchen is very possible.

A few popular cabinet refacing veneers include oak, cherry wood, maple and glass. Eco-friendly cabinets can be made of bamboo. Another option is Rigid Thermofoil, which is made of ultra-dense fiberboard, then faced with a rigid vinyl surface that can be fashioned to mimic any style and complement any kitchen. These doors can be made to look like natural wood, while providing an extra measure of durability.

The typical cabinet kitchen refacing project is quick and painless. It begins with an in-home consultation with a design consultant to learn what the customer is looking for, and tailor a project that meets their needs. The existing cabinets are then measured, and the doors and drawers will be removed. Installation follows quickly after. The entire kitchen cabinet refacing project, from initial consultation to the final walk-through and clean-up, can usually be done in three to five days.

One of the big benefits and cost-savings aspects of kitchen cabinet refacing is that it allows the homeowner to retain their current electrical and plumbing set-up. This cuts down on a lot of labor, materials and pricing. It’s one of the main reasons cabinet refacing is a great option for many budget ranges.

With all the options available at such affordable price ranges, it’s no wonder cabinet kitchen refacing is one of the most popular choices for homeowners. It’s a convenient, efficient, stylish alternative to full-scale remodeling.

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