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If you are looking for an excellent home security and monitoring system, you may want to consider Front Point Security, which offers a do-it-yourself answer to people who prioritize their safety and protection in the comfort of their own homes.  Linked with GE Security, Front Point prides itself in its monitoring services and home security equipment that protect one’s home in the most excellent ways possible.

Monitoring Features
With Front Point Security, one will have a 24/7 monitoring package that is rated as one of the finest security and supervision systems in the United States.  In fact, the company has obtained a number of rave reviews, awards, and recognitions from different departments and organizations that include the Department of Defence, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., Top Ten Reviews, and Factory Mutual, amongst many others.

The company’s packages consist of digital monitoring that is entirely wireless, which Front Point asserts as a helpful tool in precluding the occurrences of losing assets on account of burglary.  Furthermore, this particular security system offers fire, life, and environmental protection as a regular service that does not necessitate one to disburse additional payment to upgrade his or her system for further security.

Home Protection System
As numerous Front Point reviews suggest, the company’s alarm system offers a distinctive and provisional service that one can easily set up and use.  It comes with a number of sensors that include door sensors, freeze sensors, garage door sensors, glass break sensors, heat sensor, motion sensors, recessed door sensors, smoke sensors, and water sensors.

One has the opportunity to combine and use any of the aforementioned sensors in order to provide security for his or her home.  What is interesting about Front Point security systems is that they may come with security cameras and different home protection equipment additions.  With regard to the cost of the monitoring system, the company’s website states its various packages and their respective costs, which may range from $35-50 for the type of monitoring package.

However, it is worth noting that this does not take in the cost of the equipment such as wireless control panel ($238.99), sensors ($34.99-89.99), cameras ($179.99-399.99), and accessories ($3.99-139.99).  Lastly, the three monitoring packages that one may consider are protection monitoring ($34.99 per month), which includes basic services, interactive monitoring ($42.99 per month), which comes with supplementary advantages, and ultimate monitoring ($49.99 per month), which consists of all the security tools and features of the monitoring system.

This article is written by an author who researches and reviews home security systems.