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Crystal is believed to hold vibrations that give off positive effects. And if that is not what attracts, its charm and beauty is of course a factor that adds to irresistible appeal. When thinking of pure luxury and your home interior décor budget has no restrictions, then a crystal bath is what will give you the perfect spa feel and add to the beauty of your home and bathroom. It is not only the rarity that a crystal bath possesses that will make your bathroom unique. The entire look is what makes it special as it simply glows.

Why are crystal baths getting so popular?

  • It is the perfect finish to a bathroom suite or spa. In fact it doesn’t matter whether the style is contemporary or Victorian or a totally personalized one. Crystals are like classic white shades; they can merge anywhere and make an instant style statement.
  • The status factor too plays a major part. Not everyone can afford to bathe in crystal.
  • A crystal bath isn’t easy to craft and nor are there many out there. By owning one you have something unique and with no peer.

Talking crystal

Just imagine a solid slab of crystal in your bathroom. Somehow it brings in a blend of the natural and manmade. To recline in such a thing of beauty is a whole new experience. Besides, such pieces are cut by diamonds. Thus, nothing can raise your bathroom to higher heights.

Swarovski studded tubs too are on the rise but what can beat a tub made of pure crystal? The Chinese believe that a perfect tea experience can be only had when tea is sipped in crystal glasses. Surely, a perfect bath experience calls for a crystal bath.

White crystal

Crystal has a luminescent glow to it. Whether you use wall mounted taps or chrome finished spout ones, the play of light and the way the water looks trapped in the depths of your tub will be enough to make you feel like royalty. Even if you dim the lights, you will have a glowing experience. Floor lights are great as they enhance the look.

The range

There are bath tubs that can be designed according to the required shape or size. They can be made from onyx, travertine, marble or granite. Moreover, as none of the tubs have an identical twin, there is always something special. There are bathtubs, on the other hand, made of crystal and with no defined shape. Their beauty lies in natural rock crystal used and the fact that diamonds have carved them. Basins of the same look could also be ordered for a completely crystallized feel.

Crystal basins can bring brightness to your bathroom and help work on the crystal motif to a fine edge. It would very well compliment a crystal or even stone or river rock type of bathtub.  However, when thinking of dazzling with crystal, it is better to have a focal piece so as to enhance the unique aspect.

Thomas is bathtub designer . He loved crystal bath and it’s beauty. He come to know about this by checkiing