A Fireplace Can Change Everything

When you live in a rented home, there are only so many things you can change. The garden, as long as it’s kept tidy is pretty much open to any kind of remodelling, but the house has so many more restrictions. Private rented is much more restrictive, you may not even be able to change carpets or decor without permission from the landlord, but social landlords or council houses are more lenient.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Where these rooms are concerned you can replace wall tiles, carpets, even cupboard doors and countertops. As long as you replaced like for like, it’s considered ok. Light fittings, wall sockets and switches will require permission, but only as they require a safety check afterwards. The biggest problem you will come across is this, most social landlords will put in decent bathroom suites, for example, but they’re always very plain. You cannot replace the suite without a mountain of planning permission, which will cost hundreds initially, then there is always the possibility of the landlord saying no. It is exactly the same type of permission needed if you were planning on making changes in your own, bought, house, but at least then you would know the landlord, you, would say yes.

Improve the Appeal of Your Home

Even when considering the restrictions placed on tenants, there are still things you can do to make a difference. Replacing the kitchen cupboards and drawer fronts, can completely change how your room appears. Adding battery power lights underneath high level cupboards can add an expensive looking touch, without all of the messy wiring or permissions. Laminate flooring can also improve the appeal of your main living area, spending a bit more on a good quality underlay can save you money on heating bills in the long run, it will also reduce the noise factor created by wooden floors. Replace interior doors, this again will add to the overall impression created by your efforts.

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The Best Addition to Your Living Room

After the doors and floor have been replaced, the best thing, in my opinion, to add to the appeal of your living room, is a fireplace. Of course a lot of people think less is better, but I am not one of them. A well fitted, attractive fireplace, mounted on your chimney wall will bring in character and style, but it also opens the door to further changes and additions. Everyone needs a large mirror above a fireplace, and the two items together will positively increase the atmosphere and character of any living room. There are thousands of styles to choose from, Victorian all the way down to Micro Marble, and even the physical size can be matched to suit the available space. Whether it is a real coal fire, gas or electric, there is a fireplace which will suit, even add to your living room’s appeal.

A fireplace is always one of those things deemed non-essential, but for those of us who already have one, it’s obvious what they do for a room. See for yourself, I’m sure you will order one soon.

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