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Families are the most important thing in the world for most people; therefore, keeping them safe ought to be a top priority. Home security is paramount in ensuring that your family is kept safe within the confines of your own four walls.

Door and Window Locks
Locks on your windows and doors are a standard security device, ensuring that you always lock up when you leave your home and when you go to bed. You should always lock your external doors when present in the home, as you do not want strangers walking in unannounced and uninvited.

Modern PVC based doors come complete with a variety of built-in locks to increase protection and prevent forced entry. If you do not have a PVC door you might consider a Yale lock, which adds another key to the door and prevents the door from opening when the primary door lock is not engaged.

House Alarms
House alarms will ensure that should something go wrong in the home, you or your neighbours will hear about it. A house alarm can be controlled via a numerical code, which, in the event of it being input incorrectly or outside of a specified period of time, will activate the alarm.

Alarms come complete with a number of sensors that can be placed around the house called ‘zones’. These zones allow the homeowner to cover the key access points of the house and dictate which areas of the house should be activated, e.g., deactivating the alarm upstairs at night.

Window Alarms
Whilst the house alarm is mains powered there are many window alarms available which are battery operated. These devices are the size of a matchbox and simply stick to your window. Once activated they will be triggered by any loud noise near the house, or where force is placed on the window.

Window alarms omit a high-pitched noise when activated, which should deter any would-be burglar, as well as flagging his presence to the homeowner and neighbours.

Security Lights
As the majority of crimes take place in the dead of night, installing a security light will put a spotlight on intruders. These can be set up around your property and are triggered by movement; therefore, placing them near doors and windows will ensure that thieves think twice before approaching your property.

With so many security options available to homeowners it is simply a question of choosing the right devices for your home. Budget plays a big part in this, as does practicality.

Daley understands that home security is extremely important to all families, and he works with Advance Security to ensure that all security needs can be met for everybody.