A Home Designed Functional Bathroom Improves Your Lifestyle

When looking at successful interior design, just aesthetic beauty is not enough. No matter how well done the décor or how many gushing compliments received for it, eventually functionality that merges with style and reflects individuality is something that will hold a long term appeal. The problem with getting a home designed functional bathroom is that there are so many different people with different needs who will use it.

Being the most in demand space, you need to merge the style statement to suit its varied users. While a claw foot tub is the perfect spot to soak in after a day’s toil, a small corner alcove bath to bathe the kids and the dog will not have you worry about how deep the bath is. Similarly, vintage taps can add to the beauty of pedestal basins with a small stool or platform for children to mount on so that they can use the sink with ease.

Working on a budget with a smile

  • Want a shower floor with a rock solid appeal? Inexpensive materials like landscape rocks can save the day and give your shower floor a Zen like tranquility and win applause on the style front. Use a motif tiling pattern and keep a simple backsplash behind the basin instead of having it surround the wall behind the bath.
  • Countertops too have their problems as materials like granite cost right through the roof. Substitute with glass painted in a dark green shade or instead flaunt dark glass with a lovely pale white countertop basin. Or if you want to minimize counter expenditure, just have a glass shelf above the sink supported by two steel rods. This has a very modern touch and can suit most mirror styles.
  • The flea market abounds in goods that can give your bathroom a little extra edge. Add little touches of your own like a valance over the window and cubby hole or pigeon hole like shelves painted in different colors to store some kid stuff.

Why a renovator matters

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Many people fall back when it comes to actually selecting a good renovator even when they have a fine budget slotted out. You need to get an expert so that the best results are obtained and considering what it costs, the less risks taken on that front the better. After all, utility is a priority and it is a lose-lose situation to land up with fancy trimmings only to find that they are more of a hindrance than help. A renovator will also help manage space issues and work on details like how to get things geared keeping in mind personal convenience.

Themes and looks

The time to select the theme comes after you get the basics like the plumbing and placements right. When dealing with contemporary styles, mosaic tiles in sparkle and light shades are perfect whereas some Victorian themes go well with wallpaper on the wall. Either way, to get creative ideas executed with stylish attention to detail, a renovator is the right man for the job.

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