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The elderly like to maintain their independence for as long as possible. This includes staying in their homes and fending for themselves with minimal assistance. A lot of injuries from falls in regards to elders occur in the bathroom from getting in or out of the tub or shower. One of the best ways to prevent harmful injuries from happening is to have walk in baths or showers installed.

Maintains Independence

Giving up independence is one of the hardest things for a person to accept, especially the elderly. Instead of having to hire an in-home care specialist for assistance with bathing, walk-in bathing options have become available. These options allow a person with a disability or that is aging to properly maintain personal hygiene and skin care without assistance. It is a safe and secure option that does not cause bathrooms to flood and prevents accidents from happening.

Minimal or No Assistance Required

With this option, elders can enter the tub or shower setup on their own with the help of strategically placed hand rails and grasping devices. The elderly can enter the unit clothed and place the items on a hook just outside the structure. The bottoms of the structure are constructed to be slip resistant, even when no shower shoes are worn. This helps the person to bathe or shower as they wish, even when they are home alone.

A Look At How Easy Access Baths Can Help The Elderly

More Stability and Safety Measures in Place

Most of the tub and shower options are just over waist high when standing. This allows the elder person to safely grasp the sides for stability when entering the structure. As the design for the structure is being planned, elders can instruct the technicians of specific placements for handles and hanging devices to help them get in and out or up from a standing position safely. This helps to make the elder person feel more secure about bathing in their own home without the assistance of a caregiver.

Customization Options for Added Safety and Security

As previously mentioned, elders can customize the tub or shower to their specific needs. Some will require a rail to be installed all of the way around a shower for added stability. The placement of the seating bench is also important, depending on the stamina and leg strength of the person using it. Whether it is a triangle stability bar hanging from the ceiling to help the person stand up from a sitting position or an additional bench seating area, these customizations can all be incorporated into the design.

Help with the Cost of These Tubs and Showers

The cost of elder care can be quite pricey. With the option of walk-in bathing units being available, many insurance programs and government programs are in place to help absorb some of the cost. Agencies see these options as a one-time cost that reduces the cost of them helping to cover in-home caregiving services. It is ideal to look into these programs as some elders survive solely on social security benefits. A limited budget can prevent an elder person from maintaining an independent lifestyle due to the inability to afford the cost of a walk-in bathing unit.

There are dozens of benefits for having one of these units installed in the bathroom of an elderly person. Not only will it help them maintain their confidence and self-esteem but it will allow them to feel more independent as they age. These are safe and secure units that are designed specifically for the elderly and those with disabilities. For many, this type of tub or shower is considered to be a luxury more than a necessity.