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Money wheels are one of the most popular components of gaming activities throughout the world. Much of the success of the money wheel can be attributed to the carnival prize wheel, which was introduced back in the late 1800s. That specific prize wheel gave carnival-goers a chance to win various prizes just by giving a spin and seeing where the flapper would land. Now money wheels are available in various gaming outlets, where the feature is very popular among visitors.

Event planners as well as businesses are now catching on to the money wheel craze by utilizing them for promotional events. Restaurants and bars in particular, have found ways to incorporate using a money wheel at grand openings or special events. Using this device is a very smart marketing tool because it not only attracts people into taking part, but keeps customers coming back to a particular business in the future because they can win free gifts.

When considering the use of a money wheel for an event, restaurant owners and planners will have to determine ways to tie them into their business. One way to get customers to visit a restaurant or bar is by giving away free food or drinks through the use of coupon marketing. With this method, everyone can be a winner, increasing the appeal of the game. The prizes can run from small (something like 10% off an entree) to a grand prize (perhaps a free meal for two). Whatever the person lands on during the game will automatically be awarded.

Another method would be to offer cash incentives that would go towards meals inside the restaurant or bar. Participants could win anything from $5 to $50 gift certificates, which could be used towards the purchase of food either during their current or future visit.

Patrons could also get a chance to spin the money wheel for prizes by completing a short survey. Once a person fills out the survey about the service, food, or drinks, he or she will be able to spin the wheel for prizes from the restaurant. Not only would the person win a prize, but the restaurant could obtain substantial feedback that would help them with future customers.

Marketing techniques can help boost business morale and bring in customers who are curious to try a new product or service. Money wheels are a fun and unique technique that can keep a heavy stream of traffic heading to a business. With the device and ideas in place, any restaurant or bar will be able to manage a fun and successful event that everyone can enjoy.

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