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A New Bathroom For A Little Girl

My little girl is a year and a half old and she has so many toys that I have lost count of them. She has little singing dinosaurs, dolls that cry when they wet their nappies and more animals than Noah’s Ark. Yet her favourite toys in the house remain the things which aren’t actually toys.

For her there is nothing better than going in the bathroom, and that means lifting up the lid on the toilet, grabbing the toothbrushes and basically doing things which she isn’t meant to do. We finally got fed up telling her off after finding her sitting on top of a roll of toilet paper for the umpteenth time, and decided to design a bathroom which was toddler proof and which still looked good.

Everything Up High
The first consideration for a bathroom when there is a toddler in the house is the height. We need to put everything out of her reach now. That means increasing the height of the towel rail , putting the toilet paper out of her reach and basically not giving her little fingers the chance to land on anything which they shouldn’t be touching. This seem a bit tough on her maybe but the simple fact is that we want her to play away on her own without getting into trouble or playing with things which she shouldn’t be touching.  It turns out that this is actually quite a good style for the bathroom and it looks somehow more elegant this way.

A New Shower
The old shower we had was pretty uncomfortable to take her into so decided to push out the boat and get a high quality one so that either one of us can take her into it. This has been now been fitted and she absolutely loves going in there and getting soaking wet. The fact that the shower head has a massage function means that she screams with delight when the water beats against her. As it is a shower cabin style unit it also gets nice and warm even when it is a cold day outside.

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An Illuminated Mirror
Sometimes we have to take our little girl to the bathroom in the middle of the night when she is still half sleeping but spits milk over her clothes or has a dirty nappy. We discovered that there are classy looking illuminated bathroom mirrors which will really make our lives a lot easier. Instead of switching on the main lights and wakening her up we can light the subtle lighting in this mirror up and clean her up without any hassle. It also comes with some storage shelves in it, so there is no longer any need to leave things like soap and toothpaste lying around for her to grab.

Find out more about bathroom styling on the Pebble Grey website

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