A Romantic Breakfast In Bed – In A Picnic Basket

A Romantic Breakfast In Bed – In A Picnic Basket

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Why would you ever have a picnic in bed?” Well, if you’ve ever cooked a romantic breakfast to surprise your significant other, you’re clumsy, and if you ever tried to carry everything in at once- including beverages- on a tray (entirely necessary in case the other person wakes up), you’ve probably pondered easier solutions. This is especially the case for an easy transition or if you had such a hard time the last time, you probabaly haven’t even attempted this fete again. At this point, you’ve probably caught on. Solution: pack it in a picnic basket! You will without a doubt increase the level of your partner’s surprise, but don’t worry- it will be in a good way.

How to Package Your Food so it’s “Picnic Basket Safe”:
Perhaps you made an over-the-top breakfast including bacon, eggs, sausage, pancakes, fruit- the works! Initially it may sound tacky, but package your items separately in individual Tupperware containers to keep them from shifting between the kitchen and the bedroom. If you have toppings like syrup, pour the liquid into a tightly sealed container. Now that your meal is packaged for transit, it’s time to step things up from last night’s leftovers to elegant 5-star dining. Pick out two of your nicest plates and bowls (if you need them) on which you’d like to serve your meal. Tie two individual sets of flatware- including a fork, spoon, and knife- together with ribbon. (Tip: velvet ribbon adds a great touch of glamour!) Also find juice glasses, coffee mugs, cloth napkins, and a beautiful table cloth to use as a picnic blanket. You’ll be glad you had the picnic blanket later so you don’t get stains on your actual blanket! Now, how are you going to package everything safely and effectively?

A Picnic Basket Secret that Makes Transportation a Breeze: 
The key to a successful picnic is the right kind of picnic basket. To pull off breakfast in bed without a hitch, the “right” basket will have an insert that allows you to tightly strap in your plates and glasses so they’re safe from damage. To continue packing, stack Tupperware containers across the bottom of the basket (some containers even snap together) and keep them as level and steady as possible. To transport beverages, pour both your coffee and juice into two reliable sealable thermoses. Next, place your napkins in your basket. Place your folded “picnic blanket” on top because it will be the first thing you want to take out. Now that your basket’s packed, you can sneak into your bedroom, open the basket, spread the blanket over your bed, and start serving up drinks and plates. Now you’ll only need one hand to carry your basket and the good news is that you’ll still have one hand free to carry a flower or two in a small vase! You did it!

Paige One enjoys writing about topics from fashion to fitness. Find picnic coolers to make your breakfast in bed romantic date a reality and keep your food cool and tidy!

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