A Selection Of Ski Goggles For The 2012-2013 Season

A Selection Of Ski Goggles For The 2012-2013 Season

Anyone who skis or snowboards is well aware of the importance of the right equipment, both for comfort and safety. Near the top of anyone’s list should be a pair of goggles. You’d be lost without good vision, so protect your eyes from the sun’s glare and falling snow. With such an array to choose from it can be difficult to make the decision; here we look at six pairs of snow goggles available for this season’s slopes.

Anon M1 Goggles
Being able to change your lenses easily on the slopes is a must if visibility suddenly changes and the conditions are against you. If this is your priority, then the Anon M1 Goggles are a must. The goggles feature six magnets around the frame edge, which match up with those on the lenses, allowing them to be changed with a minimum of effort; though be aware that this also means that the lens can easily come out if the frame is squeezed at all while you are on the go. The lenses are scratch resistant, fully UV resistant and you are provided with an extra set into the bargain. Whether you choose to wear a helmet or not on the slopes, it doesn’t matter, as the attachment of the strap to a pivoting hinge provides a perfect fit either way. These goggles are also very comfortable thanks to the triple layer of face foam that they offer and are designed for wear by men or women.

Zeal level Goggles
The new design of these goggles means that men and women can look forward to the maximum possible vision while they ski, adding to the enjoyment, yet helping to protect against accidents. However, what also sets them apart from other goggles is the stylish range of colours and patterns that they are available in. However, their over-sized appearance might be off-putting.

Roxy Rockferry Goggles
These women’s goggles are very practical and deliver what they promise to. Not only do the lenses have standard features such as UV protection, but they are shatterproof and have an anti-fog coating, whilst optics courtesy of Carl Zeiss ensures that they are free from distortion. That said, there are only five possible lens options available at present. Their shape enhances peripheral vision and the face foam allows a good fit.

Bolle Simmer Goggle
A pair of women’s goggles that provide everything that you could hope for. These spherical lens goggles are designed with comfort in mind, having a triple layer of face foam, and their flexing outriggers provide a good fit with a helmet. The equalizer patch allows the flow of air between the double lenses, so optics are not compromised no matter how high you are and their shape is designed to make them fog-free. As with so many goggles available today, they offer complete UV protection.

Giro Basis Goggle
A good choice of goggles for men, the Giro Basis has a frame which provides a great field of view. The goggles have spherical dual lenses and wearers can look forward to optics by Carl Zeiss; they also provide full protection from UV light.  Although they only have double layer face foam, these goggles still offer a comfortable fit with the help of micro-fleece facing and can be easily worn with a helmet. However, their medium frame size may not suit everyone.

Spy Platoon Goggles
Don’t assume that because these men’s goggles sport a funky design on the strap that they don’t offer some seriously good design features. Moisture-wicking foam works to maintain a dry face and the unique ventilation system will keep the lenses equally dry. What’s more they offer a wide field of vision and come with additional lenses. They also guarantee 100% UV protection for your eyes. However, these goggles are large compared to others available, so won’t be to everyone’s liking.


Ruby writes travel and health articles on behalf of a North Carolina eye care center.

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