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A Seychelles Honeymoon Could Lead To Your Next Property Investment

Escaping to Seychelles on honeymoon, is the ideal ending to a perfect wedding for thousands of couples from around the globe. In fact, Seychelles hosted the royal honeymoon in 2011. Ever since then, the destination has become a hot-spot for newly-weds the world over. But what are the chances your curiosity in some property investing will be piqued while relaxing and romancing in paradise? We say pretty good!

Greeted by spectacular views from the sky as you circle to land at Victoria airport, it’s not hard to see how this has become such a popular destination for travellers looking for natural splendour. Seychelles has had a remarkable turn around in economic stability over the last decade, since President James Alix Michel made extensive changes after taking office in 2004. It’s through his vision and drive that this archipelago finds itself joining forces with a vibrant new travel brand called the Vanilla Islands. This affiliation (between Seychelles, Mauritius, La Réunion, Madagascar, Comoros, and Mayotte) is likely to have a far-reaching, positive influence on Indian Ocean property investments. But most importantly for honeymooners, it means you’ll be able to island-hop between these destinations visa-free – while looking for the perfect island villa or apartment for sale.

Why Seychelles for honeymooning?

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From the moment you land in Seychelles, till the moment you leave – you’re spoilt for choice due to endless possibilities. If you and your loved one are outdoor types, then there are adventure activities on land, in the air and in the ocean to entertain you for weeks. If you enjoy fine cuisine and a lively cultural atmosphere, then this destination offers more than your fair share of gems to explore.

A small sample of what is on offer includes:

  • Rare fauna and flora – Seychelles is a renowned habitat for several extremely rare wonders in fauna and flora. The most famous of which is world’s largest existing seed; the exotic Coco-de-mer. However, there are also several other rarities to explore that can only be found in this archipelago, such as the jellyfish tree (of which only 8 exist). Add to these exclusive specimens the paradise flycatcher and Seychelles warbler, and it’s really no stretch of the imagination as to why these islands are often referred to as a living natural history museum. This is a status that the country works hard to reinforce through its environmentally-sensitive and forward-thinking approach; which has resulted in almost 50% of the country’s land mass being set aside for national parks and reserves.
  • Diverse culture – With a varied history comprising African, European and Asian ancestors, the cosmopolitan Seychellois people are a warm and welcoming nation. With rich folklore and a diverse art and architectural heritage, you can get lost for days exploring the bounty that these islands have to share.
  • Ideal climate – With a temperature range of 24 – 32°C for the entire year, Seychelles is a tropical destination year round. Most rains fall between December and February, with the islands situated outside of the cyclone belt that affects archipelagos to the south. The seas are generally calmer between October and March when the north-west trade winds blow.

Once you’ve spent time here it will not be a case of “if” you come back, but rather “when”. Why not take advantage of the investor-friendly climate in Seychelles and consider getting property on one of the country’s luxury resorts. We recommend Eden Island  luxury marina estate. Then when you return to relive your honeymoon, you’ll have a home away from home in this exclusive development.

Seychelles, part of the Vanilla Islands group, has become one of the top destinations of choice for honeymooners from around the world. This is especially true for the Eden Island Development.

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