A Skeptic Buys The Universe

Out From the Eclipse
I used to believe that astrology was just a bunch of hocus-pocus; something that had no real merit, and only served as an icebreaker for a conversation. After finding myself in a position that required further research on the topic, I became amazed at this age-old science. I couldn’t believe how powerful of a tool it would be simply to have an understanding of the planetary bodies and their influences on life. No one disputes the fact that the moon affects the tides of the ocean. The ways in which the planet Mercury determines one’s communication skills is no less real. I have found the knowledge of astrology to be a tremendous asset in understanding people I interact with on a daily basis.

Life’s New Moon
Have you ever got in a car with someone who refuses to take the most direct route to their destination? As a logical, calculated Libra, that used to drive me crazy. Once I realized the forces that cause this crab-like effect, I can understand why a person does this. I have discovered that it is much easier to get along with people if I understand what makes them act, and react, the way in particular manners, even when I disagree with them. In fact, having a grasp on the various aspects of astrology enables me to anticipate and de-fuse potentially hazardous situations when dealing with dealing with people. Those bumpy, family relationships seem to simply smooth out when you become familiar with the astrological make-up of the ones closest to you. I have also discovered why life seems to go haywire at times, and what I can expect from life based on the cosmic layout of the planets. Astrology is not just the horoscope section of the daily newspaper; it is as much a part of you as DNA.

Filling the Space
The best part about astrology is that it’s not a secret. Mankind has relied on it, in one form or another, practically since time began. Farmers regulate their times of planting and harvesting by the astrological signs and phases of the moon. For the most part, knowledge is free. Anyone with access to the internet, a library card, or an old farmer in the family can tap into the wonders and benefits of astrology. A person has the option of peeling potatoes with a spoon if they so choose. I elect to learn all I can about astrology to make life easy, exciting and fun. I love finding cool photos of space and stars online and enjoy taking pictures and cool views of the night sky myself. In order to keep my files save I make sure to use an online backup service. That way I can look at the magical and mysterious beauty of the space anytime I want and share it with my friends.

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