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A Tropical Honeymoon Oasis

Although it shouldn’t be, planning your honeymoon can be nearly as stressful as planning your wedding! Deciding on a location that you both love, choosing somewhere that’s romantic, but also fun and trying not to blow your budget, are a lot of criteria that can often make it somewhat difficult in choosing your honeymoon destination. Many newlyweds want to travel overseas for their honeymoon, because let’s face it – it’s not a real holiday unless it’s overseas! The problem facing many couples, however, is the ever accumulating costs of flights, travel, accommodation, dining and any tours or activities you may want to embark upon. Bali is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world; with sunsets that go on for days, romantic dinners on the beach and luxurious hotels, it is every newlyweds dream honeymoon. Bali won’t blow your budget either, making it an even better way to start your lives together.

Secluded Villas

Imagine waking every morning to the gentle sounds of the waves breaking on the sand, right outside your bedroom window – or the quiet sounds of nature in the tropical rainforest which surrounds you. Villas in Bali are abundant and are one of the most popular accommodation options for honeymooners. Villas provide you with a little more privacy, your own personal pool and sometimes direct access to the beautiful Balinese beach. Many villas also have their own staff, meaning you won’t need to cook, clean or lift a finger whilst enjoying your time together.

Romantic Hotels

There often seems to be an endless supply of beautiful hotels in Bali. For newlyweds, the options are limitless, with hotels being found at most locations across Bali. Whether you want to stay in the vibrant city of Kuta or Legian, enjoying cocktails at one of the many bars, or would prefer your cocktails by your luxurious hotel swimming pool on the outskirts of Seminyak, there is sure to be a hotel in Bali that both you and your partner will fall in love with. Many hotels and resorts offer special honeymoon deals, which include complimentary breakfasts, spa treatments and more – so be sure to ask your travel agent when booking.

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Dreamy Sunset Dinners

Not that you would ever need to leave the lavish surrounds of your beautiful hotel, but if you do decide to venture out, a romantic sunset dinner is the perfect way to finish your day. Jimbaran Bay, located in the south of Bali is a strip of beach, lined with restaurants that serve sumptuous seafood feasts on the beach, so you and your new husband or wife can feel the sand between your toes and watch the beautiful Balinese sunset, as you spend a romantic evening together.

If you are searching for the perfect honeymoon destination, look no further than Bali. Choose to stay in a secluded villa, a romantic hotel or a luxurious resort – and enjoy this time together as husband and wife.

Kelly is a Wedding Planner from Brisbane, Australia. She says that Bali villa accommodation is perfect for any honeymoon because of their ultimate luxury and secluded locations. Kelly has experience in planning weddings on the smallest of budgets to extravagant celebrity weddings.

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