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Situated by the calm, peaceful waters of the Ebro River, Zaragoza is a city of great harmony and beauty. Boasting a variety of landscapes from intense, sandy deserts to vibrant, lively meadows, this location is a spectacular little world of its own. With so much to admire, visitors looking for a relaxing and revitalising holiday are in luck. Here are some great attractions that will journey tourists into the heart and soul of this city.

La Seo Cathedral
Located on the Plaza de la Seo, this Roman Catholic Cathedral is a place of quiet serenity. Its beautiful high ceilings and spacious rooms radiate a tranquil atmosphere which is bound to uplift visitors. Due to its intriguing history, the church is built on the site of the main mosque of the Moorish city of Saraqusta and the ancient Roman Forum of Augustus. Visitors will be awed by the church’s grand presence and intricate, architectural detail. Combining different historical styles such as the Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque forms of art, the cathedral is striking beyond imagination. Anyone seeing it for the first time will find it difficult to drag their eyes away from this magnificent and majestic building.

The Aljaferia
This fairytale palace will have visitors wondering if they are amidst an enchanting dream. Built in the 11th century, The Aljaferia is a sacred and treasured sight in Zaragoza. It was used by the Moorish governor of the Taifa Kingdom of Sarakosta as a summer home. With a patio built by Moorish kings, a marvellous surrounding moat and high, majestic ceilings, this palace is a striking and wonderful vision. Stepping into the palace, visitors will feel like they have travelled back in time to an age of supreme, royal power. With its sublime gardens and unique, carefully sculpted detail, seeing this palace is definitely a must for young and old alike.

Primo de Rivera Park
These delicately designed gardens are a wonderful attraction to visit. Tourists will step into a world of captivating colour and vibrant patterns. With a fountain that gracefully cascades down the rolling hills, these gardens truly are a little bit of heaven on earth. Boasting an enormous statue of Jamie the Conqueror (one of the great kings of Aragon), the gardens are a place of astonishing art work. Visitors can sit back on a bench and simply soak up the peaceful ambience that the park radiates. A romantic and tranquil way to spend the hours, couples can stay in the park right through the day until dusk falls, to see it lit up in its finest glory.

Puente de Piedra
The oldest bridge across River Ebro, the Puente de Piedra is an unforgettable sight. Translating as ‘Stone Bridge’ in English, the bridge really is a firm and immovable structure. After going through a series of trials, including a flood, the bridge was strengthened by architect Agustin Sanz in 1789, whom ensured the frame was strong as can be. No matter how tourists choose to experience this bridge, whether it’s a walk across it, a boat ride under it or a helicopter flight over it, one thing is for certain; they must see it. Also called the Bridge of Lions due to the four lions which are placed on the pillars evenly at either side of the bridge, the Puente de Piedra is a proud part of the city’s history and certainly a sight worth seeing.

These four great attractions are just a few of the many spectacular sights Zaragoza has to offer. A place of relaxation, bewitching beauty and marvellous history, this city is the ultimate holiday destination. With so much to do and see, visitors will never want to leave this stunning location.

An article by Maria Hubbard, who loves writing about holidays in mainland Spain.

Image Credits: Wikipedia and Wikipedia