A Vivid Picture Of LG Revolution

LG Revolution is the result of all the efforts done by LG Company and its staff members. It is the master piece of engineering. The phone is amalgamation of the super AMOLED plus display screen, stylish sense of UI and 2.2 OS. LG Revolution has beaten all the rivals, in terms of speed and performance. It has become the fastest speed phone in the Android market. The phone has the blazing fast data transformation and downloading speed. The usual connectivity speed on the smart phones is in between 10 to 15 Mbps. But the connectivity speed of LG Revolution is about 30 Mbps. It is something extra ordinary.
However, the battery life of the LG Revolution is bit terrible like other smart phones. This forces the users to frequently charge the smart phone. Users have to buy additional chargers so to keep one in the office, home and even in the cars. The battery life of phone is 1,500 mAh which proofs to be little slower.

Mostly smart phones use 3G coverage for their phones. LG Revolution is working over the 4G network. For some users the 4G network is the real data hunger that is satisfied with the next generation network. The fact is that the 4G network allows ten times faster uploading speed from the cable internet, which connects at 500Kbps.
The fastest uploading and downloading speed of LG Revolution has ensured the fastest downloading of movies, TV shows, videos from You Tube, giant emails, attachments and other applications. The LG Revolution 4G network allows having eight concurrent connections. For enjoying this facility, users will be requiring to plug-in the charger with the phone.

The data transformation rate and connectivity with other devices through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is unremarkable. Other smart phones require approx 90 seconds to develop the connection, while LG Revolution does this work in just a blink of eye.

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Developing of the new software and R&D is quite expensive and time consuming. The LG Revolution has used Froyo that has been established with quite efforts. It will still need a time to pashed away from the market. This software is performing the good job.
The LG Revolution has dual core Tegra 2 CPU with 1 GHz of snapdragon processor. This ensue the highest speed of the phone. There is some issue with UI and sometimes it slows down. But, this problem is quite ignorable, as the entire smart phone is encountering the same issue. The LG Revolution is undoubtedly, the fastest smart phone on the earth.

The only problem that has been viewed over the LG Revolution is the 4.3 inches of display with less resolution. The resolution of the screen is 480 x 800 pixels, which is quite annoying with the size of the screen. The viewing angles are also terrible and sometimes colors also washed away.With this review, it is hoped that the users will be able to make the rational decision. The phone has enormous features, as well as, some deficiencies.

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