Activities For Your Active Toddler

Activities For Your Active Toddler

Watching babies develop into toddlers is one of the most fascinating aspects of parenting. It is a joy to watch their personalities form as they investigate new things. Sometimes it is a challenge to come up with indoor activities for toddlers to lead them along these paths in a safe, indoor environment. Here are a few ideas to inspire your own creativity at a very low cost:

Look what I made!
Children love to make pictures and structures with blocks and puzzle pieces that reflect their vision of the world. Large soft blocks can be cut from styrofoam and painted with non-toxic spray paint. Little fingers can build big structures with materials that won’t cause injuries when tossed at baby brother’s head. Craft foam can be cut easily with scissors into geometric shapes that let little people create pictures without crayons or paint to damage walls or furniture. The cost is so minimal that soiled or damaged pieces can be tossed into the trash when they have outlived their usefulness. Coloring and sculpting with clay are also toddler favorites.

Catch this!
All children love to throw things. Balloons are a great way to eliminate damage and injury while giving toddlers the opportunity to learn to catch items that don’t travel with as much velocity as a more rigid ball. Beach balls have a little faster action and can certainly knock over a lamp if not confined to an empty area, but are still safer than outdoor balls. Handball courts at your local community center provide a large safe area for children to run and throw while offering protection from traffic and outdoor hazards. They are a great venue for running and jumping without the worry of inclement weather.

Splish! Splash!
While many facilities are located outside, there are some indoor facilities that offer splash pads for young children. This updated version of running in the sprinklers provides hours of fun without the danger of drowning. Parents can relax and visit with other parents while watching their children play.

Making noise is awesome!
Rhythm bands have always been fun for little ones and the instruments are simple. Make a drum from a round cardboard oatmeal box or a bracelet from elastic and bells, Marching and singing are great indoor activities for toddlers that work just as well outside!

Fortunately, there are some vacation spots that are recognizing the need to provide activities for all family members, including indoor activities for toddlers. From indoor water parks to story time, toddlers can enjoy some of their favorite things while interacting with children their own age.  Enjoy them while you can. They won’t be toddlers for long!

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