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A good speaker is like a best companion for any sound engineer, music industry professional, and music lovers (almost all qualifies for that). When it comes to acquiring a solid and effectual best-in-class sound monitor, people look forward to have one that performs on all their desired counts while delivering the high quality sound output across all genres for a longer duration. A sound monitor is a specifically build and designed loudspeaker that can perform various sound productions like recording, mixing, transitioning and much more. These types of loudspeakers or sound monitors are very much in demand in professional sound production field like film-making, recording studios, radio and television studios and live performance and open-concert or open-gig events.


There is a wide range of sound monitor producers across the globe, but only a few that can relied upon for the affluent quality production. One such reputed name globally for the production of industry level high quality sound monitors is the Germany based Adam Audio Inc., which manufactures and provides the most effective and cost affordable Adam Monitors across the globe for various sound production studios, sound engineers, music professionals as well as to individuals.

Specifications of Adam Monitors:

  • They are produced with integration of cutting-edge and advanced technology in accordance with high-changing demands of the music and sound industry.
  • Each sound monitor is designed keeping in view the top-notch design implementation along with most advanced and unique features resulting in a compact design.
  • These monitors are built with top-quality metallic and wooden components, resulting in lightweight yet strong and durable devices.
  • Each Adam Monitor features its unique and most advanced ART Ribbon Tweeters technology that produces crisp and clear sound quality while pushing surrounding air 4 times more. This technology has lately been complemented with addition of X-ART feature by Adam Audio.
  • The Balanced and Unbalanced audio input feature is provided for a quick and easy access on the cabinet via XLRs or phones.
  • The control features mounted on the front as well as on the end of the cabinet provides a quick access for controlling almost all types of features, like noise level, frequency, volume, bass control and punches.
  • Different speaker variants come with different levels of frequency range, from as low as 5 KHz to as high as 50 KHz.
  • The bass range, tails range and frequency range gives high quality output, whether for low-end or for high-end controls.
  • The sound character is very clear, warm, punchy and comfortable, especially for upper-mid and higher frequency range, which makes it a clear favorite to work alongside keyboards, guitars, vocals and other studio instruments.
  • The Adam Speakers are transient accurate and comes with a small footprint, but accompanied with the most advanced features and delivering sound output like a large and heavily-built speaker; that too for a low cost.
  • Lastly, but most importantly, the Adam Audio focuses on providing its clients and consumers a great calming and exuberant experience through its products.

These Adam monitors are built in a manner that the user can tailor their controls for their personal taste along with proper vibrancy and high-quality output for the surrounding, be it a room or an open event.