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Whether you are moving into new office premises or looking to update your existing office’s decor, purchasing new office furniture is a great way to create a whole new contemporary look. New office furniture can create a stylish look whilst increasing your comfort and productivity at work!
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Store It Away

There is nothing worse than an untidy office, with piles of paperwork around every corner! In order to create a professional working environment (and somewhere you can feel proud to show clients around), you need to purchase storage for your office. Bookcases, cupboards, lockers and filing cabinets are all great choices and come in a variety of styles whether your office is traditional or more contemporary. Why not purchase a Tambour Unit from brands such as Bisley to add plenty of storage space to even the largest office?

Get Comfortable

You spend a lot of time in your office, whether you work alone as a self employed freelancer or as part of a larger company. Research has shown that a high percentage of back pain begins at work, when employees are hunched over their computer screens in uncomfortable chairs. It is vital that you have a supportive and comfortable chair to sit in at work. There is a huge range to choose from online to suit all budgets, so there really is no excuse! Office furniture doesn’t have to be expensive and there are plenty of websites offering discounted furniture that is ideal for those looking to keep costs to a minimum. When choosing a chair, make sure the height as well as the back of the chair can be adjusted for comfort and that it is mounted on castors, so reaching across the desk for items is easier.

Find Some Privacy

If you work in a small office with a number of others, it might be worthwhile investing in some other pieces of office furniture, such as office screens to provide each member of staff with some privacy and peace to go about their work. Floor screens are an ideal way to increase privacy in an open plan office and create the feel of individual booths which can be comforting for employees who struggle to work in an open plan space. Floor screens are also a great option for those who need to divide a room into spaces for different purposes, such as a meeting area, reception area etc. Stylish furniture is a way to create great look to your office. GB projects have been producing high quality office furniture at a competitive price. We design and manufacture bespoke units to meet specific interior designs.

Office furniture doesn’t have to cost the earth and it is important to spend some time thinking about the type of furniture you need for your office and what you could do without. The bare minimum to ensure comfort and productivity at work is an adjustable, comfortable chair and spacious desk, but extras such as storage cabinets and floor screens are worthwhile additions if your company budget can stretch.

Idania writes widely on a range of topics, but specialises in writing for interior design and furniture websites. Having recently set up her own office in the West end of London, she realises how important it is that affordable office furniture can be found for those starting a business on a budget. By shopping at Furniture at Work, she was able to find everything she needed to create a professional and comfortable working space.