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There are many things that you can do to add value to your building, from keeping it properly maintained to adding security features such as apartment intercom systems. See below on how to add maximum value to your apartment building.

Fixing Structural Problems

Ensure that you fix all the problems of your building relating to the structure. These include a leaking or sagging roof, bowing walls, structural wall cracks, broken or missing roof tiles, or a collapsed slab/floor. These repairs will pay for themselves in the long term.

Updating Services

You can add value to your building by updating services like plumbing or wiring. It may involve a lot of work but it pays off with increased rent prices.

Add Value To Your Building

Adding Central Heating

This can be done while considering to use energy-efficient equipment, to lower overall energy usage within the building.


This includes repairing or upgrading lighting and changing meter boxes.

Fixing Every Superficial Defect

All superficial defects cumulatively lower the value of your building. These include sticking or squeaking doors and windows, peeling paint, dripping taps, sewer smells, and loose tiles.

Replacing Windows

You will add value to your building if you introduce modern windows. You can also put double-hung or bigger windows which enhances the appearance of the building.

Remodelling Existing Space

You can add a lot of value to your building if you remodel the space of the building. This gives a way for other projects that also augment the value.

Add to or Improve Existing Accommodation

You can do this by adding the number of bedrooms in the buildings.

Adding Shower Rooms/ Bathrooms

This is usually a beneficial investment. It involves creating an en suite to existing master bedrooms.

Enhancing Security

Security for yourself and your tenants should be a priority. Apartment intercom systems makes it possible for one to identify whoever is at the door or gate, perform communication and have the door opened automatically. They keep out intruders and criminals through deterrence. When seeking installation of these devices or systems, it is advisable to consider quality and effectiveness by the provider. In addition, these systems add the resale value of your home or apartment.

It is essential to contact a reliable security provider that engages in multi-apartment industrial, commercial, retail and residential sectors to help you add value to your home by enhancing security. It should have Government and Corporate clients in every state. The company should be involved in the installation as well as servicing of electronic intrusion CCTV, dry fire systems, alarm systems, apartment intercom systems, foxtel and free to air systems, optical fibre, commercial offices and multi-apartment buildings, industrial developments and also existent strata buildings.