Addiction Treatment 101: Steps To Get Better

Addiction Treatment 101: Steps To Get Better

The number of drug overdose deaths in the United States since the year 2000 is over 700,000. The number of people abusing drugs combined with those abusing alcohol is over 2 million. These statistics are clear that substance abuse is not only common but at a crisis level.

If you suffer from an alcohol or drug addiction, you are at risk for serious illness or even death. The time to seek addiction treatment is now.

Finding the right treatment and seeing it through can be challenging. Read on for insights that will help you with your treatment search.

Addiction Treatment 101: Steps To Get Better

Types of Treatment

Because drug and alcohol treatments are not “one-size fits all,” there are different types of treatment plans you should know.

Inpatient therapy takes place in a rehab center where you will live until you complete the treatment program. This type of treatment offers a full approach, including medical help for you as you detox. Getting away from your daily life and the pressures that cause you to use is a helpful advantage.

Outpatient therapy allows you to live at home while attending your treatment programs during the day. This treatment is best for those who have a stable home life, and a supportive family.

Group or private therapy is often a part of both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Group therapy gives you a support system made up of people going through the same struggles, while private therapy allows you to concentrate completely on your own recovery.

All the above treatment types have costs, and sometimes people who need treatment do not have the resources to pay for it. But, there are other options.

Lower-Cost Forms of Addiction Treatment

There are alternative programs that can be used with or apart from traditional addiction therapies. Many of these are available at a much lower cost.

One such therapy and addiction treatment is creative or expressive therapy. This involves using art, music, creative writing, or dance therapy to help you communicate feelings that are troubling or even previously unknown to you.

Another therapy is meditation, where you learn to be still and silent. Quiet meditation helps you stay in the present. The use of guided imagery can help you create a positive outlook.

Bodywork through exercise, yoga, or acupuncture, or being outside in nature are also ways that can enhance your recovery journey for less or even no cost.

Other Things to Consider

12-Step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, are free and open to everyone, located everywhere, and provide you with a social safety net.

The Affordable Care Act can assist with the costs of addiction treatment. Some treatment centers offer a sliding scale of fees, which will allow you to pay for treatment according to your income.

Begin Your Recovery

Don’t allow cost, stigma, or fear of addiction treatment stop you from getting started. Many people struggle with substance abuse and the sheer amount of treatment options will allow you to find the program you can stick with until you achieve full recovery.

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