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Advantages And Disadvantages To Working From Home

For some, working from home can be a dream. There is no doubt that there are distinct advantages that come along with working from home. For one, you get
to sleep in! That in itself is a big enough advantage for most folks.

However, advantages always come with disadvantages—and the same goes with working from home. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons, shall we?

Pro: You hold your own time.

When you work at home, you have the ability to control when you work. You can start at any time you want and finish at any time you want as well. You can
sleep in and take as many breaks as you want. To some people, this can already be a dream—but it can also mean bad things.

Con: You’ll probably procrastinate a lot!

Working from home means that you’ll likely be prone to procrastination. So pretty much, you’ll probably still be just as stressed as you would be in an
office job, cause then you would be cramming all that work you put off to the last minute!

Pro: You will be comfortable!

There’s no doubt that working from home will be much, much more comfortable than working in an office. You could probably even work from your bed, or your
couch! Or you could even work in a room with a view.

Con: You’ll definitely have distractions.

You know that bed you’re working on? Yeah, you’ll get sleepy. You’ll get lazy. If you’re working on your couch, you have your TV right there! Let’s not
forget that with nobody to keep you in check, you’re bound to be all over the internet.

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Pro: You can save on expenses.

Imagine—you don’t have to eat out all the time. You don’t have transportation expenses. You might not have to pay any taxes. You get a lot more money than
you would if you had to commute to work and pay taxes like a dutiful citizen.

Con: You might not have benefits.

Since you work at home, it’s likely that you don’t get the benefits a normal employee would have. You would have to get your own healthcare and
insurance—unless you work for a corporation or company and have been allowed to telecommute.

Pro: You don’t have to bother with looking nice.

No need for office politics, or the hassle of getting ready for work every day. You can wake up, cross the room to your desk, and you’re in your ‘office’!
You don’t have to spend on getting nice clothes or shoes. More savings!

Con: You get lazy.

Eventually you will shower less and less, and you’ll start working while you’re still in your pajamas. You won’t care what you look, you’ll eat what you
want when you want, and you’ll be sitting all day. Careful of eating when you’re in front of the computer—you could end up with unexpected weight gain that

Chrissy writes for Australia’s Premier Cosmetic Discounter, Smart Poppy. She works at home and has a love/hate relationship with her couch.

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