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Learning the differences between anaerobic and aerobic training is very important if you want to improve great results after your workout plan. This is because you will get to know the appropriate levels that you are supposed to train at. There are some scientific facts that try to explain some of the differences between the two types of exercises. While training, the body needs to break down sugar that is turned to glycogen which is later used as fuel or energy. When the body has enough oxygen that will be used for this process, it is referred to as aerobic respiration. When oxygen is not enough, it’s referred to as anaerobic respiration which can be equated to when you are training really hard and you almost run out of breath.

Define Aerobic Training

Aerobic training or respiration happens when the body has enough oxygen to help a person with the entire process. This is where you are not struggling and is having an easy time with the workout. You breathe in well and the body utilises the oxygen to power the muscles before you finally exhale. Waste products during this process are water and carbon dioxide.

Aerobic VS Anaerobic Training

Define Anaerobic Training

This is where you train without enough oxygen in the body. This means that the muscles do not get the required amount of oxygen to create the energy that is needed for the training process. This can be similar to when you are using the treadmill to run and you experience an all out sprint just as you are about to finish. When this occurs, instead of production of water and CO2, lactic acid is the by product. It is important to note that the lactic acid is normally hard to clear especially when compared to CO2 and water. This means that it accumulates in the system resulting in extreme fatigue.

Aerobic VS Anaerobic Training

Importance of knowing the difference between Aerobic and Anaerobic Training

It is vital to understand the difference between the two types of training meaning that if you start training too hard while you are in the middle of a session, your body goes to an anaerobic state and produces lactic acid. This will definitely affect the training session because you will feel fatigued thus you may not even get a chance to finish it because you will be feeling too tired. This means that you will have to conserve as much energy as possible so that you can finish the training session without any problem.

Training Aerobically

You need to lean how to feel and establish an aerobic as well as an anaerobic pace if you want to train successfully without any problems. One of the simplest ways that this can be done is by trying to talk to yourself as you train. If you can get out short paragraphs well, you are training aerobically. If you cannot finish off an entire sentence before you start grasping for breathe, you need to slow down because you are training too hard. A heart rate monitor can be used to determine the effort level being used.