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As any new mother can tell you, the first few weeks after the baby is born can be some of the hardest weeks of your life. Your body will be recovering and you may be experience pain and soreness. You will be unbelievably tired. Most likely, the baby will only sleep for at most, two hours at a time. This will just make you more exhausted. The last thing you would want to do is worry about what clothes you are wearing. However, there may be places you need to go. The baby will have doctors’ appointments. You will need to go to the grocery store. You may even have to go back to work sooner than you would prefer. No matter the situation, you must be thinking that it would be impossible to be both fashionable and comfortable in those weeks after the baby is born.

Here are some quick and simply tips that will keep you, as a new mom, comfortable enough to make it through the day and still fashionable.

Know the Value of the Wrap Shirt
There are many reasons why you would want to choose a wrap shirt. For one thing, this type of shirt will disguise your belly when you are working to lose that baby weight. That is not all though, wrap shirts make excellent nursing shirts without looking like an actual nursing shirt. These blouses are flattering too because they hug your curves in the right spots and disguise the wrong spots. Additionally, wrap shirts are often made from soft materials that have give in them. This will make them much more comfortable for you throughout the day.

Choose Pull On Pants, but Not Sweat Pants
Anyone wearing sweat pants has frazzled new mom virtually stamped on their forehead. You do not have to resort to the sweat pant just so that you can be comfortable. In fact, you would be better suited to continue using some of your maternity pants. Look for any stylish pants that have a pull on style without a button or waste band. They can be cleverly disguised under a shirt without bulges or odd shapes. In addition, they will provide more comfort and you can get dressed much more quickly, which will be important when you have a newborn baby to attend to.

Be Careful of Shoes
Even if you are going back to work, you will want to be sure to avoid extremely high heels. This is especially true if you are carrying the baby. Even those women who are used to wearing heels could lose their balance when they are carrying a newborn. You definitely do not want to stumble, slip, or fall when you have such a precious load in your arms. It is better to choose low heels or flats. These shoes can still be fashionable, but they will be much easier to wear. Flats are also more comfortable, and when you are spending the day caring for the baby and trying to run errands, you will be all the more glad for that comfort.

When the baby is born, you will find yourself immediately immersed in a whole new world of responsibility. You will have a precious and tiny life to care for. You will also be very tired, not completely healed, and feeling rather bedraggled. However, this does not mean you have to wear your pajamas out the door. With these quick and easy tips, you can actually find fashion and comfort all wrapped into one for your clothing choices. The right tops will provide a flattering shape while remaining comfortable. The right bottoms can look professional and stylish. The right shoes can be safer and more comfortable.

Catherine Adderson is the owner of, an online store specializing in stylish and trendy maternity clothes for expectant mothers and nursing mothers.