Air Your Dirty Laundry: Tips For Cleaner, Better Smelling Clothes

People who are responsible for doing the family laundry know that producing good smelling and clean clothes with all bright colors intact can be a science. Here are some tips.

Sort and Wash Whites Properly

Whites should be sorted from even the palest pastels. This includes light grays. Then, they should be treated with a stain remover, especially around the collar. They should then be put in a washtub, soaked in hot water with a dab of laundry detergent and left to soak for an hour.

After that, they should be put in the washing machine and washed at the hottest temperature. Ideally, they should be line-dried outside.

Sort the Other Laundry According to the Care Labels

First, take out the laundry that can only be hand washed. Then, sort them according to whites as above, then pastels, then bright colors, then dark colors. Sort again according to their care labels.

Turn Dark Clothes Inside Out

This will help them keep their colors longer. Also, make sure that all pockets are emptied, zippers zipped and buttons buttoned.

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About Washing Machines

Another tip for cleaner and better-smelling clothes involves the type of washing machine that’s used. In this day and age, the first thing a buyer wants to know about a washing machine is its energy efficiency. Front load washers tend to be more energy efficient because they use less money. They tumble and swirl clothes in a drum while top loaders use an agitator.

Top loaders can also use as much as three times the water as a front loader, though there are some that use less water than the traditional top loader. Front loaders also need to use high efficiency detergent.

Regular detergents will cause them to overflow and can even cancel their warranty. One type of washer get clothes as clean as the other though some people complain that front loaders can have an unpleasant odor.

Front loaders also force the homemaker to bend down to load them and unload them and once they begin their cycle they can’t be easily stopped to add fabric softener or bleach. Front loaders also cost more than top loaders, don’t last as long and tend to need more repair work.

Your cleaning regimen dictates how clean your clothes get, and how long their colors and fabrics last. Sometimes you may even want to get professional help from places like Sanity Saving Errand Tacklers to get you out of a sea of dirty clothes. When washing your laundry, be sure to read and follow all labels, choose great washing and drying machines, and develop an organization method for your clothes.

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