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Airplane Accidents Require Specialized Personal Injury Lawyers

Definition of Airplane Accidents

The Convention of International Civil Aviation defines an aviation accident as an incident involving the operation of an aircraft, which happens between the time of boarding the aircraft, with the intention of flight, until dismemberment. The individual may be fatally or seriously injured or the aircraft may be missing or inaccessible.

When airplane accidents happen, it is a devastating experience that only time can heal. Uncovering the reason for the mishap provides a certain amount of comfort. The families of air crash victims and any survivors may also want to seek ways to prevent a similar accident from occurring in the future. Lawyers specializing in aviation law determine responsibility behind an air accident and raise public awareness regarding aviation safety matters.

Aviation Accident Law

Personal injury lawyers specializing in aviation accident law understand the legal implications at local, national and international levels. They can represent families and survivors of various airplane accidents including:

• civilian mishaps that occur during flights on major, regional, corporate, charter or private aircraft
• military aircraft tragedies while on fighter, transport, attack or helicopter aircraft

When a personal injury lawyer is hired, one of his or her tasks is to uncover the cause of the accident.

Causes such as:

• mechanical failure
• flaws in design
• pilot error
• air traffic control neglect
• terrorist attack

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Once the reason for the accident is uncovered a personal injury lawyer, specializing in the aircraft industry, will apply laws that pertain to negligence, product liability, failure to warn, and breach of express or implied warranty.

Errors Happen In Spite of Strict Regulations

Aviation, one of the world’s most highly regulated industries, requires a personal injury attorney with specific knowledge and experience. Aviation law covers not only passengers during air travel but also cargo, airspace rights and aircraft maintenance and operation.

Thousands of employees work to design and manufacture aircraft, mechanics continually conduct routine maintenance, pilots apply training and experience on pre-flight checks, fuel is pumped into the aircraft, air traffic controllers make sure air routes are safe, and this is all completed in conformity with complex regulations. And yet, there are times when things go wrong.

Airplane accidents happen. If you or a member of your family experienced such a tragedy, it is time to seek a personal injury lawyer with knowledge and experience in the complex field of aviation law. Find a firm dedicated to prompt investigation.

Generally there are several factors that contribute to an aviation mishap; lawyers with practical experience and knowledge can make all the difference. You will want a lawyer who is able to determine the best way to proceed, and will work with you to find out what happened, assess compensation and ensure you are fairly treated.

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