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Symbian is a mobile phone operating system that is designed for the Smart phones. It is mainly developed by the “Symbian LTD” and runs on the ARM processors inside of it. The current form of it is a platform which is open source. Some Symbian softwares are given below:


Audio Recorder Pro:

This software is a great one which has a voice recorder that is made into each Sybarian Smartphone. There are several terms of choices in terms of settings on it and a one hour fixed hard coded in it. If anyone wants to record higher quality, record for longer and using different codecs, they can use this software to get them.

Facebook on Mobile:

Like the Android mobile phones and the windows mobile phone, the Symbian phone has Facebook on the mobile. It is now more popular for the mobile users all over the world. The Symbian mobile provides the best Facebook software for the mobile phone.

Top 10 HD Symbian Games:

The Symbian phone provides the best games in the Smartphone. Though the games of them don’t usually match copy on the iPhone, they are in such ballpark in the speed, ability of playing and also in the graphics.  They provide the popular games of the world in the Smartphone.

E -case e series 9 submersible case:

It is clear, waterproof sakes that allow us to use the tech in the running rain, in absolute cases, down the beach or even under water for a long time. It is with smaller form factor and higher window in the Smartphone to bezel the ratio easily.

Reviewing the Quasar MX:

The music player of the Symbian is now very well for maximum people which has to be said that making suitable playback with little dispute and an intuitional tabbed interface there. Besides, the main music aficionados may want to go more of it. This is fancy integrated, fully working over art, the lyrics and the artist’s bio downloading by Quasar MX. It also has the Fancy large genre based playlists formation and a full 10 band parametric equalizers with the high bass construction.

True strategy fans, screen size:

In 2013 the Symbian Mobile phone provides 6’’ screened phone which is sacked for anyone. The tech fans promoting to stay on the cutting border, always been appeared and that mark of a consecutive size crawl are very much for the extensive market place.

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