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Tata Motors is an automotive manufacturers company that is currently based in Mumbai, India. Formerly known as TELCO, it has produced an array of vehicles, from passenger cars, to vans, to buses, to even military vehicles.

Their first ever passenger car was the Tata Indica. During its first launch, it received many complaints, usually about how the car failed to deliver the power and mileage it was supposed to have. Tata Motor’s response is to release the Indica V2, which is a redesigned Indica that more or less did away with the problems of the previous Indica, becoming one of the most desired passenger cars in the Indian car industry. This article will talk about the specs of the Indica V2, as well as the prices of the different models available.


The Indica V2’s interior is good, but the plastic used inside needs work. There is enough space in the car for both the driver and the passenger. The seating is also rather good, allowing for a comfy ride. It doesn’t have any steering adjustment, but it doesn’t seem to need one anyway. It has a coin holder, as well as pockets on each side of the driver’s seat, which sadly the passenger’s seat lacks.


The Indica V2 tosses away 5PS of power and at the same time pumps up the torque at 122 Nm. The dash from 30-70 is now a reasonable 8.8s, but the roll-on figures from higher gears can feel slow.
Petrol-driven models are now powered by 1.2L CVCP Stafire engine, producing a maximum power of 65 bhp, 5500 rpm and a torque of 96 Nm at 3000 rpm. The two diesel variants of the Indica V2 run with the 1.4L turbocharged inter-cooled TDI engine and the 1.3L Quadrajet Common Rail diesel engine. The TDI engine’s power is 71 bhp at 4500 rpm, and is capable of delivering a maximum torque of 135 Nm at 2500 rpm; the Quadrajet engine, on the other hand, has a power of 74 bhp at 4000 rpm, and has a higher maximum torque of 190 Nm at 1750 rpm. All three engines of the Indica V2 uses manual for their transmissions.

Handling and Safety:

The Indica V2 is capable of going through traffic at 1500 rpm without any trouble. The gearshift quality was upped, making downshifts no longer a problem. The Indica V2 is also capable of sudden overtaking maneuvers, but the handling still has a few issues. The car’s steering is damped at low speeds, but it lacks feedback and will be sluggish in high speeds. To compensate for the handling, the Indica V2 is outfitted with 165/60 R13 Goodyear GPS2’s. Airbags are available in the Aura+ line.


The Indica V2 has three variants: the Aqua, Terra and Aura, which each running a different engine: the TDI, Safire and Quadrajet, respectively. The variants go at a price between Rs 3.49 lakhs and Rs. 4.88 lakhs. Overall, the Indica V2 is very comfortable inside, with the only downside being the plastic. Its performance is good, but handling needs work.

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