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Artificial Outdoor Plants

Artificial plants are associated with a lot of myths. Not all of them are true. Contrary to popular belief, they are not kitschy and fake looking. They can be extremely pleasing on the eye and appear lifelike. What is more, they are very easy to maintain, come in an assortment of shapes, sizes and varieties and are easily available online from a number of florists, gardening companies and commercial landscapers. They have become indispensible for commercial sites as they are less prone to decay and discolouration and can retain their vividness and shape for years on end making them more cost efficient. They include potted plants, runners, planters, shrubs, faux bonsai, trees and hedges, which can be used to revamp the look of homes, apartments, shops, shopping malls, hotels, resorts, offices and other business establishments.

Artificial Foliage Walls
Also available are artificial walls made to resemble real climbers and creepers dotted with the odd flower or two that cover building facades. These can be tailor-made to your office or home and can camouflage dull and unsightly features like wiring, air conditioners, heaters, flaking walls, seepage, etc. They are great space savers and their foliage can also fill out out-of-season trees, fences and other barriers.  Artificial climbers and creepers are also great landscaping features that can be used to provide privacy. They can add an element of surprise and a burst of colour to a building and make it stand out from its surroundings. They usually come in faux ivy, vine, bougainvillea, wisteria and boxwood walls. They can save you the costs and trouble of repainting facades year after year and give a lush look as if they have been growing for years.

Features of Artificial Outdoor Plants
While choosing artificial outdoor plants, go for ones that offer guaranteed UV protection. These are manufactured using materials that have been made resistant to the corrosive ultraviolet rays of the sun. Special chemicals, plastic and PVC parts, extra supportive structures and sturdy materials ensure true colours, longevity, retention of original shape and resistance to the elements, such as sun’s harmful rays, rain, dust and even fire.

Floral Displays
Awareness of interior decoration and office decor is now on an all time high. Event management is also a lucrative business these days with celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, festivals, corporate events, concerts, shows, conferences, retreats, sports’ meets, all on the rise. For all these and more floral displays, both artificial and real, are indispensible and you can no longer just rely on your corner florists for this. Most leading florists and landscaping service providers have an online presence with user-friendly shopping portals through which you can procure bouquets and floral displays.

What to Look For
While choosing a florist/landscaping service provider, it is a good idea to go for one which has a dedicated online delivery service and a wide network of retail outlets. The products on offer should also be diverse right from fresh flowers, which should include roses, carnations, tulips, rhododendrons, orchids, etc., to artificial flowers, greeting cards, chocolates, gifts and even cakes for birthdays, etc. This will save you the trouble of hiring different services for your office events and home parties. Only other thing that you might need to handle is perhaps catering. And voila, stress-free event management at the click of a mouse! The other thing to look for is competitive pricing. Searching for an online service provider is not tough, but remember to check the prices offered and the services covered within those costs. Look for things such as free home delivery, money back policies, free gifts and other offers. You might think that a provider suits your budget, but there may be great deals out there that you are missing. So do your homework and choose wisely.

Syed Afzal Hussain is an Instructional Designer by vocation and an avid gardener with a serious green thumb. In his free time, he enjoys searching for commercial landscaping and artificial office plants on the Internet and pottering around in his small yet variegated garden.