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Wearing briefs is a style choice. It’s important to choose the right kind to avoid any conflict. Fruit of the Loom, Hanes and BVDs are all great if you’re a kid or you have no idea as to what comfort really is. However, the picky man knows what kind of briefs he likes and they aren’t sold in a large plastic bag at the general discount store around the corner. The favorites among men are discussed below.

1. Contour Pouch Brief by 2(x)ist. This brand is very popular because of a few important details. They wash well and can last a very long time. It’s a basic brief that’s comfortable to wear, especially when there’s a long day ahead of you. A few different styles are available from this brand, but this is the best one because of its general style.


2. Almost Naked Brief by Andrew Christian. Andrew Christian underwear has become very popular lately. This particular style provides some extra room in the front where it’s needed. There’s also a hang free design so you don’t have to worry about any of the annoying padding or hidden cups that you’ll find on some brands.

3. Kinetic Active Slip Brief by C-IN2. These are briefs constructed of cotton mesh that are athletic in design. The supportive and snug fit is ideal for going out for a job or going out on the field. There’s a subtle boost to the front because of the shape and it has a higher waistband to hug the body.

4. Lukek Cotton Stretch Brief by Diesel. These are roomier in the hip, which can be very advantageous at times. These can be on the pricier side of briefs, but the fit makes it worth it, especially when you want something for special occasions. The briefs are available in a variety of colors, allowing you to coordinate with your wardrobe easily.

5. Body Brief by Calvin Klein. Over the years, Calvin Klein underwear has been a staple in many men’s top drawers. Maybe it’s because of all the underwear ads or maybe because it’s just a comfortable fit, but almost any stylish guy owns a few pairs. They are all cotton and very conscious of the body’s curves. They’re ideal for the everyday brief.

6. Stretch Cotton Brief by Emporio Armani. Sometimes it’s necessary to go with stretch cotton as opposed to ordinary cotton. It will hold its shape throughout the day better than others. When you’re tired of your briefs becoming baggy over the course of the day, these will solve the problem. They are 100 percent cotton, so the color won’t fade easily either. It’s a brand you can trust and there are several colors available.