Android Now Holds 39% Of Smartphone Market

Android OS has again retained its crown as the top operating system holding on to 39% of the total Smartphone market share while RIM continues to lag behind in this stiff competition. Apple has 28% of the market share and the RIM and Blackberry OS are holding on to 20% of the share.

According to a recent data by Nielsen, Android market is up by 3%, Apple is up by 2% and RIM is down by 3%. Based on a holistic view, Apple is the clear winner when it comes to manufacturing of smartphones, unlike RIM it has the advantage of controlling software as well as hardware for its smartphone platform. Apple is currently selling only three smartphones in U.S. which are the iPhone 4 (AT & T), the iPhone 4 (Verizon), and the iPhone 3GS (AT & T).

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HTC is currently the biggest Android manufacturer, with 14% of the Android market, Motorola and Samsung holds to 11% and 8% of market share respectively as stated in a research report by Nielsen. Nokia with itsSymbian OS is nowhere in the scene because it doesn’t have any android based popular smartphones in the market and the report clearly demonstrates that all the smartphones which are been sold today in the market areAndroid based phones. Here is a small infographic which well describes the inside view of the international smartphone market.

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