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Arch Patent A New Service For US Patent Information

If you need to search for U.S. patent information, ArchPatent provides you with a simple and intuitive way in which to do so. The site provides a range of tools to enable you to search through the database of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which contains information on patents that were issued between 1790 and the present day.

The Need for ArchPatent Use

If you are considering applying for a patent, you are strongly advised to search through the existing patents and patent applications to ensure that a patent has not already been filed.

The Cost of ArchPatent

If you only need to perform a basic search of the database, you can do so for free. However, if you require additional information, you will need to register for ArchPatent Pro, which, as of September 2012, is available at a cost of $39.99 per month or $239.88 per year.

The Search Functions on ArchPatent

You can choose to perform either a quick or extensive search. Regardless of the type of search performed, you can search through several patent fields during the one search. You are free to search for the entire patent text by typing in a keyword or by entering the patent number, the title of the patent or the name of the inventor, examiner, assignee or attorney associated with the invention. Should you have the knowledge to do so, you can use complex search strings based on the theories behind Boolean logic.

The Filtering of Search Results

Searching through the database can take time. However, ArchPatent enables you to conveniently search within the results obtained and thereby presents you from having to return to the search function and start afresh. Once you have performed a search, you can narrow down your search results using a wide range of filters. You can choose to filter your results by applicant, classification, popularity and so forth.

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The Personal Workspace Feature

ArchPatent features a Personal Workspace, which keeps track of your searches and saves any relevant patents for future references. Since all of your past searches are automatically saved, you are not required to repeatedly perform past searches yourself – you simply log into your Personal Workspace and the information you require is presented for your perusal. This feature is available to you whether you have taken out a premium or basic registration with the site.

The Results Listings

If you register for the basic version of ArchPatent, you can view the top ten search listings as images in downloadable PDF files. If you take out ArchPatent Pro, you will be granted the chance to view results from the whole of the database, as opposed to just the top ten listings. Furthermore, you can take advantage of special features, such as the ability to export your search results into a spreadsheet file. For your convenience, it is possible to select and export into your spreadsheet only the columns that are of interest you.

The Tracking of Changes

If you have taken out a premium registration, you will be able to track any changes made to the patent database, including the publication of new patent applications and the grants issued. You can request to receive alerts for specific keywords (including competitors’ names), patent classifications and alterations made to assignment records.

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