Are Sexy Halloween Costumes Over?

Sexy Halloween costumes are the outfits that are worn during the month of October when girls decide to get sexy and slutty. Halloween and geek conventions allow women to wear costumes that their sense of dignity would not allow them to walk around in. The fashion industry has come up with various designs that are both humorous and creative. They include sexy guitar, sexy marionette, sexy female Michael Jackson among others.

People have different opinions on the costumes. Most of the girls that wear them associate it with humor. To add on the list are sexy mother Teresa, sexy nurse, sexy nuns, and black cat. The designers produce various famous characters in their Halloween costumes. You know you are famous when you appear in such fashion costumes. There are some brands that are made for celebrities around the world. However some parents, young girls and cultures have started a campaign to kill these costumes.

Some columnists are of the opinion that when girls wear sexy adult costumes they reveal parts of the body which may attract trouble as they may be abused. The campaigners that want the sexy Halloween costumes over have made sure that there is modest dressing during Halloween in these current times. Sexy is not as crazy as it used to be a couple of years back.

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In the year 2012 you may find that actors may not whole heartedly use slutty costumes. The stage now houses actresses that are more concerned about what is appropriate in many races; costumes that are below the knee and fully breasted. It is also not a wonder to find costume shops that do not stock thongs.
One contributor to feminist website does not understand what is wrong with only one out of three hundred and sixty five nights being a sexy Halloween costume night. She argues that there is nothing wrong in women dressing up and feeling sexy about their bodies. She goes ahead to express her disappointment that the day is only one in a year. They should have been a couple of them.

There are people who are too happy for Halloween as it offers them an opportunity to dress up in too tight clothes that may be embarrassing to wear on regular 364 days of the year. People who have curvaceous bodies are afraid to attract a lot of attention by wearing tight clothes. By wearing sexy Halloween costumes they may appear like sex pots which might be embarrassing to some extent.

Girls are protesting against these sexy costumes being made and marketed by adults. Twelve to fourteen years old girls are mad about Halloween outfits. One of such adolescents is Julia Bluhm who is a 14 years old girl who has her eyes on Halloween. She calls for action and asks when it became sexualized fashion show expressing a lot of disappointment in the fashion selection. She has incited her fellow adolescents to reject the sexy Halloween costumes as a way of demanding for respect from adults in the fashion industry. Time is the only thing that will answer the question of whether sexy Halloween costumes are over.

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