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Humans are sociable animals. We often feel the need to be around other people and most of us will spend most of our lives with people that are very special to us. We often feel the need to go out to socialise with others, even with people that we don’t know, and we invariably declare our love to random strangers once we have had our fair share of whiskey. Alternatively, we are quite happy staying at home with family or inviting friends around for the evening and maybe have something to east and a few drinks. Although we might occasionally prefer to be alone, we would find it difficult to be without the company of other people when we want it, but some people struggle to find the company that they crave. If you are a Billy no mates yourself and you find yourself alone when you would rather not be, it may be because of something that is actually quite easy to find.

Garlic Breath

Garlic is not only good for keeping vampires at bay, it also tastes great. Many fantastic dishes are made with garlic and we are often quite happy to feast on a garlic-seasoned meal at any time of the day. The thing is though that although a meal containing garlic may help to protect us from blood sucking vampires, it could also be keeping away creatures of the non-blood sucking variety. Of course you should always brush your teeth after meals, but make sure that you brush even more stringently after eating garlic and use mouth wash also. If this is still not working you may need to risk exposure to vampires after all by cutting out the garlic. Also, garlic is not the only offending food stuff so consider what you are eating carefully as many meals could contribute to breath that a komodo dragon would find unpleasant. Cut out foods that may make your breath smell, brush regularly and you may soon find that people stop running away from you when you introduce yourself.

Annoying Habits

Do you pick your nose or your ears in public? Do you run away every time it’s time for you to get the round in? Do you maybe shout loudly at ashtrays and accuse them of attempting a world invasion? If you do any of these things, along with countless other things, it may be understandable that people would rather shy away from you. It is important to remember what other people may or may not find acceptable so even if you thing that it’s cool to spend all night long speaking in the voice of a dalek, others may not. While having the odd quirk or two could help to make you a more interesting person, acting in an unsociable will not have the desired effect. Cut out any habits that other people may find annoying and you might find that you do start getting invitations for parties at last.

Horses for Courses

If you enjoy discussions about what type of laser would be best to heat your coffee, with you may find that a lot of other people would rather talk about something else. That doesn’t mean to say that you will have nobody to speak with however because, believe it or not, there will be plenty of other people that would love to take part in such a discussion. The internet is a great place to find other people with similar interests to you, even if it does mean learning to speak Clingon and dressing up as Spock. Once you have found other people that do share your interests you could find that you have a busy, if somewhat eccentric, social life. 

Snoring is also something that could discourage people from wanting to get close to you, so thankfully solutions are available that can help you stop snoring.