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Nowadays there is a trend of moving toward shared set-ups. Most enterprises now prefer virtual environments and cloud computing to store their information in order to increase swiftness and to minimise costs. However, this kind of transformation is complicated since companies have to take into account both technical and organisational issues before implementing this change.

Are You Looking for an Effective Date Centre Solution

FlexPod is a data centre platform created by NetApp and Cisco to solve the resistance that may arise because of virtualisation. It also helps streamline the evolution to virtualised, shared, and cloud infrastructures. This kind of flexible data centre platform is manufactured to speed up the distribution of infrastructure and other necessary business-related applications with reduced costs, fewer risks, and more flexibility. The flexible unified structure is very different from others. Let’s see how:

  • Utility and Flexibility

This kind of virtualisation solution combines certified technologies of reputed industry leaders and software partners like Cisco and NetApp. It is a single platform that is manufactured from storage and fabric technologies that makes it easy for you to build a large-scale data centre without major alterations. Infrastructure resources are managed and organised in an easy way and include end-to-end computerisation.

The flexible data centre solution is customised to meet changing customer needs, which can utilise a public, hybrid, or private cloud. It runs numerous workloads on all protocols and fits exactly into your present infrastructure by making use of existing resources, thus reducing replacement costs. This kind of solution helps you acquire well-timed, repeatable, and consistent distributions that drastically reduce risks and make it simple for you to know the floor space, performance, power, and cost of each deployment.

  • Suitable For Every Organisation

You can easily scale these configurations up or down to fit your industry’s needs. For instance, large enterprises can make use of more than one scale for their assistance and for accommodating their rapid growth potential. It improves agility to meet the rising needs of an organisation.

Types of Components

This kind of useful, pre-designed data centre is manufactured on the NetApp FAS storage components, Cisco Unified Computing System, Cisco data centre switches, and software from many associates.

  • Unified Computing System (UCS) of Cisco:

It is the data centre platform that is manufactured to minimise TCO, reduce time-consuming manual configuration, and enhance organisational agility. Cisco USC manager combines storage access, networking, computing, and virtualisation into a single organised unit, which can be easily managed. The utilisation of this system reduces the use of other devices and, thus, saves on time and money.

  • Cisco Series Switches:

Series switches by Cisco make use of unified fabric technology to recognise and unite all the network traffic into a single architecture. A few of the other benefits of Cisco switches include brilliant scalability, automatic configuration, and easy installation.

  • NetApp Storage Infrastructure:

Storage solutions provided by NetApp highly minimise costs and offer simple solutions to the complications that may arise from your virtual infrastructure. The unified storage platform of NetApp supports all protocols and eliminates the need to buy separate storage systems for your diverse needs. Besides that, built-in de-duplication, cloning, space-efficient backup facility, and thin provisioning cut capacity usage by approximately 50 percent.