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Are You Sabotaging Your Foreign Language Training? Let’s Fix It Now With Four Easy Steps!

When you are in the middle of a learning programme it can be very easy to get bogged down in the details and forget what drew you to the subject in the first place. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to classes with other people or using a ‘distance learning’ course in the comfort of your own home; with any subject there comes a time when the process of learning seems an academic chore.

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This can be particularly true when it comes to taking foreign language courses, as the inevitable task of learning grammar and spelling becomes a too much like hard work for those who want to impress others with their multilingual capabilities.

So if you think you might be sabotaging your foreign language training with poor motivation and enthusiastic involvement, here are four ideas how to put the fun back into your study and keep you on track for success.

1)  Bored with Learning? Remember Why You Chose It!

When you’re repeating a phrase for what seems like the hundredth time at a language school or you’ve come across a word that you’re sure you know but you just can’t recall its meaning; it is very easy to become frustrated. This can lead you to forget what drew you to that particular language in the first place.

Take some time out to think about it and refresh your memory. Consider keeping a list of reasons why you are learning a language so that you can consult them if you ever suffer from boredom again – you could even display them somewhere in your home or office to motivate you in the future.

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2)  Frustrated By Lack Of Context? Watch Foreign TV!

Formal education can only take you so far when learning a language and there comes a point when you need to practise your skills in the right context. An inability to understand how locals speak can cause frustration in students but luckily foreign TV has the answer.

With the availability of programmes on the Internet, you don’t need to pay for a specialist TV channel to see your fair share of foreign entertainment. Whether it is a frantic gameshow or a serious drama, watching something in the language that you are learning is a great way to learn colloquialisms and intonations that might otherwise be missing from your studies.

3)  Unfulfilled By Your Course? Eat Native Cuisine!

If you have an affection for a particular country and you have chosen to learn its language, the chances are that the native cuisine will also have a special place in your heart – or more correctly your stomach! Trying native cuisine is a great way to connect yourself with the country whose language you are studying and is the perfect remedy for those feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled by their course. If you choose to eat this food at a local restaurant then you may even be able to practice your new language skills with the waiters!

4)  Need More Practice? Take a Holiday!

The ultimate way to bring your love of learning back to life is to visit the native country. Language training relies on repetition and practice so those who really want to master a language must practise using it in the native environment.

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