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When it comes to simple and sound advice, grannies are the best. Whether they are thinking about your safety on your road bike or health when outdoors, their advice is always delivered gently with the utmost respect (and is usually followed by a nice slice of apple pie).

Your granny’s sound advice is usually correct in every sense of the word as well. With winter now upon us, the chills are starting to set in and the radiators are being cranked up. Radiators won’t save you from the chills if you’re outside though, so investing in some good quality warm clothing and a coat is pretty much essential this time of year. If you don’t, you are quite frankly mental and no amount of flu jabs will be able to save you.

Businesses tend to listen to their granny’s advice too. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine that Granny Tesco took her conglomerate grandchild to one side and told them to not only keep themselves warm during the cold winter periods, but also spare a thought for their customers who will be feeling the chill too. The difference and problem for Granny Tesco’s grandchild though is that they won’t be expected to kit out their freezing customers with all manners of coats, scarves, ear muffs and mittens. Instead they will be likely to think a bit objectively and ‘outside the box’ in an advert to deliver their caring granny’s advice. One method, and a pretty popular one at that, is to simply warm the air that the customers find themselves in. Similar to sticking on the radiator, by keeping the air at a temperature that doesn’t require wearing a woolly hat indoors is the most simple method that businesses such as Tesco employ.

Obviously for someone like Tesco who have the stores at the size they do, just sticking a radiator on is not a viable option. Instead their tactic is to keep the cold air out in the first place. Solutions such as air curtains are great for this and ensure that Granny Tesco won’t be having to give their grandchild a clip around the ear. Air curtains will cover the length of any entrance or exit to a building and the air stream will be propelled at such a rate that the harshness of the cold air outside does not have a chance to enter the building.

Whether you are a person or a business, take your granny’s advice and wrap up warm this year.

This guest blog was written by Leila Parish, a designer for the heat pump air curtain.