At Ease: How Early Planning Can Reduce The Stress Of Military Relocation

At Ease: How Early Planning Can Reduce The Stress Of Military Relocation

Military life is often busy and can be stressful, especially when it is time to relocate. The call to move to a new location can come suddenly and give little time to prepare. The following tips can help service men and women to prepare for frequent moves by preparing in advance as much as possible.

At Ease: How Early Planning Can Reduce The Stress Of Military Relocation

Set Moving Funds Aside

Relocation generally costs money, even if the military branch is covering part of the cost. Things like utility bill transfers, additional or new furnishings such as window blinds, child care or pet care arrangements, and settling-in expenses that include eating out temporarily can quickly add up. Add a little extra to your savings account or invest in a liquid commodity so that the money will be on hand when the big day comes. Even $50 a month will help to prepare for the next military orders that requires an immediate move.

Keep Storage Bins Packed

Less-commonly used items can be packed into bins and set aside for moving day. The bins could even be color-coded for easy reference. For example, seasonal clothing may be stored in the green bin, important papers and receipts in a black bin, and collectibles or nick-knacks in a yellow bin. Otherwise, tape an index card to the lid of each bin, describing its contents. If you don’t plan to take everything with you on the next move, store the bins in professional storage for safekeeping until those things are needed.

Consult Professional Movers

When heavy furniture or extensive packing is involved, it may be helpful to contact a professional moving company. Logistical experts can help you organize the contents to be moved so that everything is in good order when the time comes. They can even do the packing for you as long as directions are provided. Movers are trained to be extra careful with delicate or fragile objects, including heirlooms. The company provides a full range of packing supplies as well as transport safety to ensure everything arrives at its destination safely. Moving companies may be able to advise you on the transport of pets, as well.

Military relocation can be difficult for the entire family. Planning ahead helps to soften the blow of rush orders and speedy moving. When you plan ahead, stress can be reduced in getting organized so that you are ready to roll. Save money, pack up non-essentials, and consult experts to make your next move the most convenient one yet.

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