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Australians now approve a tax on unhygienic foods and many wish for a complete ban on junk food commercials. Above 1500 grocery shop owners stood in favor of taxation and labeling of traffic light on packaged foods also received approval. An associate of the Cancer Council of Victoria Study, named Jane Martin stated that they were surprised with over so many positive responses upon implementation of taxes on unhygienic foods. 90% of people agreed with the fact that food manufacturers should cut down levels of fats, cholesterol sugar and sodium contents in their manufacturer foods.  Ms Martin of the Obesity Policy Coalition says that she did not expect such a public response.

Researches reveal that more than half of the population acquires illness due to poor food consumption. None wants to compromise with the taste, but they barely care for their health. Respite, the food labeling laws receiving grand support and approval from the mass, the Government has not implemented any such regulations and strategies. With health organizations reporting so much against the distribution of unhealthy foods, it might also take the form of a mass movement, forcing food manufacturers to cut off the unhygienic contents in food.

The health organizations regret that respite mass approval and public support on traffic light labeling of foods, the Government is not undertaking any such laws. In fact, many manufacturers are noted to alter the calculations of their food content and print something else than the actual. The traffic light labeling of foods would be quite helpful in this concern. Parents of children up to 17 has complained that the promise of toys and giveaways on junk food advertisements provoke their children to ask more for junk foods. The promotional tactics of junk food commercials and advertisements are grand, which should be put to end to.

Australian Consumers Approve Stricter Food Laws

About 90% of the supporters agreed on taxation and complete ban of junk food advertising. Reportedly, the adolescent group of Australia observes obesity in large quantity. The individuals, who prefer junk foods are more prone to obesity, but it does not actually state that they are not worried about their outlooks. After getting obese, their consciousness for outlook begins, leading them to be on a strict diet, which is more often influenced b y friends and neighbors than experts. The diet, on which most teenagers believe to be losing weight, is improper, nor do they follow a proper diet or stop having junk food, thus ultimate creating a sentimental imbalance on their obese outlook.

The public has approved taxation on advertising of junk foods and promise of toys and giveaways with them. The free offers on accessories with purchase of packaged foods provoke adolescents much more to purchase such products. The actual nutritional content of the food should be marked and labeled on packaging. Moreover, the public approves the step of health organizations on reducing the unhealthy contents of packaged foods, thus restricting the unhygienic contents of fat, cholesterol and sugar. However, all are waiting for the Government to issue a permanent law on this.