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As summer’s warm breezes are quietly replaced by fall’s crisp air and falling leaves, it’s easy to become wrapped up in the coming season.  It means candy and Halloween, relatives and turkey and endless parties.  And also sweater season.  No more do you need to get that bathing suit bod toned and slim.  You get to be cozy in layers and pants and coats.

But if you’re like me, you don’t want to lose your healthy shape that you worked so hard all summer to achieve.  So how do you do it? Below are 5 exercises I love to do in the fall to keep my energy up and ready to deal with all the events the season brings.

Track Time
I don’t know about you but running in the intense heat makes me dizzy.  I usually forgo running in the summer because it’s just too hot.  However, fall is the perfect time to hit the track before work.  The air is crisp and refreshing.  Plus if you do it first thing in the morning, before coffee or breakfast, it really wakes you up and gives you energy for the day.  The first or second time is hard, but after that it becomes a great routine and gets you outside.

Get Those Leaves
A fantastic upper body workout is raking leaves.  Even Charlie Brown did it.  It’s a double win because not only do you burn major calories but your yard looks pristine to boot! Plus if you have kids, it can be a fun way to work together.

Raining? Move it Indoors!
If the weather where you live is atrocious, move your workout inside your house!  There are many great home workouts to try.  My favorite is P90X.  3 months of intense workouts and you’ll be in the best shape of your life by Christmas.  It’s cheaper than the gym and extremely convenient.  You just have to be very self disciplined to keep up with it.

Dance it Out
Enrolling in a beginning dance class such as Salsa or Swing Dancing it one of my favorite ways to slim down.  And the greatest part about it is you have fun while doing it.  You’re not thinking about how many calories your burning or begging for it to be over.  It’s entertaining and bound to make you smile.  Most cities have dance classes that are pretty affordable.  Want to spice up your marriage? Have your partner join you!

In many states, the most beautiful time of the year is September/October.  What better time than now to explore your state.  Taking a day hike with the family or with your partner is wonderful exercise and provides breathtaking views of nature and the changing season.  Pack a lunch and get outdoors!

Lisa Coronado is a content writer for a Downtown Seattle Chiropractor.